Celebrating life at Barchester

Whilst the world outside is in uncertain times, safe inside our Barchester homes our residents are carrying on with

fun activities and we are joining forces with our local communities to share some cheer.

Take a look at what we've been up to...

Queens Court Care Home

Team members and residents at Queens Court were thrilled to receive colorful and positive letters from Dundonald Primary School pupils. The staff and residents appreciate the continued support and kindness shown by the community. Thank you!

Hunters Care Home

Recently, we have been able to allow residents to have visits from their family and loved ones. After the COVID-19 lockdown, it has been a huge relief for everyone to be reunited and able to speak to each other face-to-face.

Since the beginning of March, Hunters has done everything possible for residents to be able to stay in contact with family and friends, including via Skype and Facetime, but there is no substitute for face-to-face contact, and with the recent relaxing of lockdown rules, it has been to safe to start family visits, albeit under strict criteria to maintain safety.

Visits have taken place outside and at a distance of three metres, but when the weather has been unsettled, the resident has remained inside and is able to speak to their visitor, who remains outside under shelter. There have been lots of happy smiling faces and a sense of relief that families have been reunited.

The Fernes Care Home

Christy and Hayley, who love to crochet, came up with an idea of crocheting hearts for all residents and their families. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, all our residents are missing their loved ones; we do have Skype and FaceTime, but it’s not the same as giving your loved one an extra special hug. 

We attached a poem to the hearts and sent along a postcard to let all our families know we are well. It’s such a wonderful gesture; a big thanks to the girls for crocheting over 100 hearts!

Westergate House Care Home

The residents at Westergate House enjoyed an interesting and fun afternoon whilst testing out our new Virtual Reality Goggles. Ronald, one of the residents, said that the experience of virtual scuba diving on the Coral Reef and watching all the sea life swim by was simply amazing.

The goggles brought a little bit of the ‘Jacques Cousteau’ out in all of us!

Corrina Lodge Care Home

Corrina Lodge enjoyed a very royal knees up and celebrated the Queens special day with her. Her Royal Highness arrived and brought a smile to everyone’s faces at Corrina Lodge. There were some tasty treats to enjoy at the party, including a particularly delicious Victoria sponge. Many of the residents and staff took the opportunity to have a photo taken with her majesty. Pictured is Joan who really got into the spirit and fun of the day. Residents also reminisced and shared some of their wonderful memories of meeting and seeing the Queen, which was lovely!

Cherry Trees Care Home

I cannot thank the manager and her wonderful staff enough for the exceptional care my mum has received throughout especially these past few months.

Wimborne Care Home

Wimborne invited the children of Hayling Island to paint a bug in celebration of National Children’s Gardening Week.

We had a fantastic response with all sorts of brightly coloured rock bugs arriving to Wimborne. Residents were delighted with them and were keen to paint a few themselves. All the bugs will be making their way into Wimborne’s garden.

Certificates and prizes were given to all that took part.

Marnel Lodge Care Home

Our lovely Home Ambassador, Barbara, with support of Bettina, have opened their very own “1066 M-Boutique” Shop. Residents in the home have created lots of great arts and crafts and donated them to the shop. Each item has a label with designer’s name so relatives can purchase them knowing who the art is by.

The concept of the shop came from the idea of our timeless approach. Residents have been creating great art for their grandchildren so they can keep them forever so they always have something to remember their Grandparents by. Keith and Monicton, our Maintenance Team, designed and built the boutique shop. Well done to all for such great team work to open this lovely shop! 

Lochduhar Care Home

Residents at Lochduhar celebrated National Fish and Chip day in the garden, with a seaside theme! The kitchen did a brilliant job at boxing up battered fish, sausages, scampi with chips for the residents to enjoy. Drummuir Ice cream farm kindly donated tubs of ice cream with wafers, for our residents to have as a sweet treat after their main meal. Our local chip shop Palmerston Café also donated us ice cream tubs, so the residents felt like they were at the seaside.

Our garden turned into the beach for the day as we had old style deck chairs, picnic blankets and even a small fishing boat! It was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by our residents here. One resident said “Everything is perfect and the food is great”.

Due to recent circumstances - our Zoo’s are financially struggling. After our residents heard this, they were desperate to help. During our residents meeting, our residents decided we were going to adopt an animal! As much as we would love to adopt all the animals - our residents decided on a beautiful Eurasian Brown Bear. The Zoo staff were blown away with the kindness of our residents. We look forward to visiting the Zoo in the future to meet him.

Balclutha Court Care Home

As residents embrace new technology and keeping in touch with their loved ones via Skype they also been busying with traditional methods and sharing messages with postcards to send to their family and friends, who doesn’t love to receive a postcard!

Residents have also been making use of Skype and FaceTime so that they can video call their relatives – although some still aren’t too sure about the new technology!

General Manager, Alison Dickson said “It is vitally important that we ensure that our residents can remain in contact with their family and friends during this time. New technology is great for this purpose, but of course a good old fashioned letter writing is just as welcome!”

Overslade House Care Home

We celebrated with Joan her 100th birthday, this day was even more special as very recently Joan beat COVID-19. So the day was filled with happiness with skype calls from family in Bristol and Australia singing and wishing her a very happy birthday.

It was also made special with her daughter and family members coming to the home to sing her happy birthday with a huge specially made banner, which Joan enjoyed while standing at her window.

After lunch Joan enjoyed birthday cake and trifle and read all her cards including a special one from the Queen.

Happy 100th birthday Joan from all of us at Overslade House!

Balclutha Court Care Home

Thank you for all you're doing to look after our families during these unsettling times.

Our residents have been clapping for the Barchester team and all key workers every Thursday for their hard work and dedication.

Today it was our turn to thank them! Our residents have been nothing but wonderful during this difficult time, they are the reason we do what we do. We have laughed, cried, loved and lost- but we have done this together.

Our staff have been writing ‘Thank you for being you’ cards for the residents with their own personal message. The photo above is resident Lydia receiving her card.

St Thomas Care Home

St Thomas has been keeping in touch with the community during the lockdown, and have been thrilled to receive cards of kindness and support.

We have also received a personalised plaque, after one of the care team joined a community Facebook group.

These cards and the plaque have given a real boost to the residents and staff, and the residents love reading the cards and talking about the pictures.

Where the senders of the postcards have given their address, the residents have written back to them to say hello and thank you.

Middletown Grange Care Home

Our lovely smile board is really cheering us all up. We have received letters, pictures and cards from the local community. They mean so much to our residents and staff. Thank you.

Chester Court Care Home

The residents of Chester Court have been very lucky to receive lots of lovely mail and gifts from the local community, and were delighted to receive their new friends from the home's local Samaritans branch in the form of Sams Bears. The bears are to help anyone know that they are not alone during this unprecedented period.

Chester Court Care Home

Residents at Chester Court, with support from the care team, have found a sweet way to stay in touch with their families and friends during the coronavirus outbreak (despite not being able to have visitors) by writing postcards home to their loved ones. The postcards are enabling residents in a very touching way to let their friends and families know they are doing okay at this difficult and uncertain time.

It is vitally important that we ensure that our residents can remain in contact with their family and friends during this time. New technology is great for this purpose, and Skype and FaceTime is available, but of course, a good old fashioned letter is just as welcome!