Dementia Care

There are now nearly 850,000 people living within the United Kingdom with a diagnosis of dementia and we know our help is needed to support people to continue to live a fulfilled life. At Barchester we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality of care, and always ensure that we support you to continue to do the things you love, including for those living with dementia. Our specialist units for those living with dementia are called Memory Lane Communities and are designed to celebrate the lives of our residents, whilst keeping them safe and cared for.

Dementia care at Barchester

What is dementia care?

Individuals living with dementia may require extra, or specialised care and support. People living with dementia can find it difficult making sense of their physical surroundings. They are likely to experience memory loss, and sometimes problems with perception, that can result in difficulty locating specific areas or specific rooms which is why we have designed our environments to help people to navigate around the home more easily.

Dementia care accommodates for these specific needs when nursing or residential care is not enough. Our staff are trained to understand the many different types of dementia and how some of the symptoms of these may present themselves for each person.

Dementia care at Barchester

Who is dementia care for?

Someone with dementia should move into a care home when they are no longer able to live independently at home with support from a relative, friend or paid carer. We know extra support is often required to help maintain psychological, sociological and physical well-being and we are here to help with our team of experts who are highly trained to ensure those living with dementia stay safe and happy. 

Dementia care at Barchester

Dementia care with Barchester

Barchester Healthcare has a wealth of specialised resources to support individuals who are living with dementia, including a dedicated Dementia Care Specialist Team, who are generally published experts in the field, and a Quality Improvement Team, who assess the quality of delivery of our care to ensure it is constantly improving and up to date with the latest techniques. We work with academic partners such as the Centre for Dementia Research at Leeds Beckett University, which is home to an internationally-recognised dementia research group – to ensure that our dementia care programme is second to none.

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