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Major refurbishment programme

Here at Barchester Healthcare, we are committed to delivering the very best lived experience for residents; therefore, it is imperative that their home away from home lives up to the highest of expectations.

Encouraging interaction

Over the past couple of years, we have been undertaking a major refurbishment project in a number of our homes, and we have designed the spaces in a creative way so that they can be utilised to stimulate and encourage activities and interaction amongst those who live there.

Interior Design

As part of the programme, a number of homes have had several areas refurbished, including dining rooms, reception and coffee areas, communal areas, such as lounges; as well as bedrooms, bathrooms, and hair salons. Our accomplished team of interior designers have hand-picked colours and themes that complement all parts of the home, whilst also taking great care to ensure that they suit the building’s aesthetic. The little details that we have included demonstrates our strong sense of care and attention that is indicative of the dedication and respect we have for those we support. Examples of some major refurbishments can be seen in the photographs above.

More refurbishment planned for this year

Currently, over 50 of our homes have had major renovations and we have plans for at least a further 40 to be refurbished in 2018. More information can be found on each of our care homes’ individual web pages, where you can find out if they’re currently part of the programme, or if they’ve already undergone refurbishment. You can search for your local Barchester care home here.