Respite Care

Carers and those being cared for both need a break from time to time. If you are in need of a short break, respite care at one of Barchester’s 160 care homes throughout the UK can enable you to do just that.

Our aim is to provide seamless continuity of care and our well-trained staff work hard to ensure that everyone's personal preferences are respected.

Barchester Respite care

What is respite care?

Also referred to as a short stay, respite care is a temporary living arrangement at a care home. Dependent on the individual’s needs, a respite stay with Barchester can range from a few days to a few weeks. 

Respite care and short term stays provide an opportunity to trial the care home experience, and is often the first step in moving from home care into permanent residency at a care home. 

Moving straight from a family home into a care home is a life-changing experience, both for carers and the person being cared for. However, many find that the transition is easier when they have experienced respite care first. Respite care allows the individual, their family members and their carer to become familiar with the staff at the home, the other residents living there, the care practices, as well as the facilities available. 

Types of respite offered at Barchester

Short-term care

Short-term care

24-hour respite care may be required when a home carer is temporarily unavailable to provide care to an individual who requires 24-hour support. This could be due to carers needing a short break from full-time care duties, or unforeseen circumstances such as illness.

Medical aftercare

Medical aftercare

Respite care can help after a medical issue such as an operation or a hospital stay. It could be the case that respite care for your loved one provides you with the peace of mind you need to go on a pre-booked holiday and your loved one is unable to join you. 

Recurring respite care

Recurring respite care

Some people benefit from arranging a recurring respite stay for a loved one, where they stay in a home for a pre-planned amount of time on a regular basis. This allows both the carer and loved one to have a regular break and temporary independence from each other. 

Respite care at Barchester

Respite care at Barchester Healthcare

Prior to admission, the General Manager will arrange to meet you and your loved one in the convenience of your own home, or at the care home. They will assess your loved one’s care needs, start to get to know them and their likes and dislikes and then tailor a care plan to suit them. 

Respite care plans at Barchester are bespoke to each individual and include tailored menus and personalised care. Additionally, short-term residents are also welcome to participate in our homes’ daily life enrichment activities, which offer a fun and stimulating way to keep busy. 

Respite care

What are the key benefits of our respite care?

  • It can sometimes be hard for a carer to put their hand up and ask for help or a break, but a small breather will allow you much needed time for yourself, and can make a big difference to maintaining your own personal health, and preventing a burnout from stress and exhaustion. 
  • Respite care is equally beneficial to those being cared for. Living at home on your own can often be quite isolating, especially for those with limited independence. 
  • Short term stays allow for the opportunity to meet new people, experience different environments, and engage in a wide range of different activities. 
  • Respite care can provide a community of support for the carer, allowing a connection with others with similar experiences.