Barchester Care Awards Rules for Entry

All entries must be received by 22nd May 2023

1. Who can be nominated?

A nomination can be made for any individual working in a Barchester care home, hospital, or complex care service.

2. Before you nominate

  • The competition is open to all - staff, residents, families, friends, volunteers and visitors. 
  • Entries will not be returned
  • One copy of the submission is required
  • When nominating an individual for multiple categories, please complete one entry per submission

3. How to nominate

  • Choose the category for which you want to nominate an individual or team
  • Please complete the questions within the entry form
  • You may also upload a supporting document (typed) word or PDF
  • Please make sure that the name of the nominee and the award category is included on any pieces of supporting information

4. Submitting your entry

All entries must be received by 22nd May 2023.

Any entries received after the deadline will not be accepted due to the complexity and time constraints of processing.

5. Judging process

  • Barchester’s Divisional Directors will select the Divisional winners for each category for their division.
  • The Divisional Winners will be contacted by the judge for that category to discuss their nomination, and the National Winners will be chosen.
  • All Divisional Winners will be invited to a special awards luncheon held in Manchester on the 11th October 2023, where the National Winners for each category will be announced.

Nominations are now open.