Residential Care

At Barchester we have over 130 residential care homes throughout the UK, and we pride ourselves on ensuring our residents feel at home with us.

Residential Care at Barchester

What is residential care?

Strictly speaking, residential care is for older people whose needs are low. They may need some assistance with day to day tasks such as washing or dressing but don’t require more specialist nursing care or dementia support. Confusingly, many organisations use ‘residential care’ interchangeably with homes offering most services. 

A residential care home is generally run by managers with a certified management qualification, such as a Registered Manager’s Award. Staff members and qualified care assistants are available to provide 24-hour residential care. When required, district nurses can be called into the home to administer certain medicines, or to assist in treating any complex wounds. 

Residential Care at Barchester

When is residential care needed?

If a loved one, or the person you care for, is finding it difficult to live independently at home, then it may be the sensible time to consider residential care. Residential care offers the perfect way to give someone as much of that independence back, giving them the added security of care professionals' 24-hour personal care.

Individuals who require a little more support may be better suited to our nursing care or dementia care facilities. 

Residential care at Barchester

Residential Care at Barchester Healthcare

Our residential care homes provide comfort and security for older people who require assistance with day-to-day living. 

Barchester’s primary aim is seamless continuity of care. Our residential care homes provide a comfortable, secure and happy home for each individual residing there. Dedicated, well-trained and hard-working staff provide residents with the highest quality of care, catering to personal preferences and capabilities. 

Prior to admission, the General Manager will arrange to meet you and your loved one in the convenience of your own home, or at the care home. From this initial meeting our General Manager can get to know you and your loved one and start creating a personalised care plan, tailored to the care needs, likes, and dislikes of your loved one. 

What are the key benefits of residential care? 

  • Residential care provides those struggling with daily life activities with the help and caring environment that they need.
  • Residents are kept mentally and physically stimulated with activity programmes provided by the residential care teams at Barchester. These are tailored to each individual’s residential care needs and capabilities. Residents regularly enjoy activities such as gardening, baking, outings, gentle exercise and life-skills work. 
  • Our residential care homes ensure that every individual receives a nutritious and balanced diet. Meals are tailored to meet personal preferences and reflect individual dietary requirements.