Why we love our volunteers

Barchester recognises the special impact that all our volunteers have on the lives of the people who live in our homes and hospitals. 

Volunteers work alongside paid staff but the role they play is very different. By choosing to spend some of their spare time at a home or hospital, volunteers break down barriers and help homes build stronger links with local people and groups, while also benefitting residents and patients through use of their own time and skills.

Everyone has their own reason for choosing to volunteer. Some individuals may have an existing or past link to a care home they would like to continue through voluntary work, often because of a relative or friend who has lived at the home. Others will first come across the home or hospital when exploring volunteering opportunities in the area.

Each Barchester volunteer is unique, but what they all have in common is genuine compassion and a strong desire to help others.

Ways to volunteer at a Barchester home or hospital

There are many ways to volunteer at your local Barchester care home or hospital, and the role you could play depends largely on your own interests, the time you can commit and the needs of the people living at the home where you would like to begin voluntary work.

You may have a particular skill, such as singing, crafts or yoga, which you want to use to improve the lives of others. You may prefer to offer companionship to residents and come along regularly to sit and chat with people who may not usually receive frequent visitors.

There are endless ways to get involved but below are some ways that our existing volunteers are making a difference:

  • Befriending – spending time getting to know residents and reminiscing with them
  • Driving/Accompanying – helping to take people on outings or transporting them to appointments
  • Housekeeping – helping with special laundry/cleaning requirements, flower arranging and tidying.
  • Kitchen - general assistance with food and beverage preparation for parties  (A current Food Hygiene certificate must be held.)
  • Gardening/DIY – occasional help with weeding/planting and small DIY jobs
  • Bereavement Counselling – subject to competency and qualification support for those recently bereaved
  • Entertainment - musical, comedy, demonstrations, talks, etc.
  • Craft skills - needlework, painting, knitting, etc 
  • Library service – taking library trolley round, maintaining records of borrowing, etc 

Applying to become a volunteer

The best way to find out more about volunteering at your local Barchester home or hospital is to call the home directly and talk to the General Manager or Hospital Director. You do not need to have an existing link to the home or hospital to become a volunteer. Anyone interested in giving some of their time to help out is encouraged to get in touch.

You can use the search bar at the top right-hand corner of this page or the box below to find your nearest home or hospital and their phone number. Alternatively you can fill out an enquiry form on your selected home or hospitals web page and they will get back to you.

You will be guided through the application process, making it as easy as possible. For some volunteer roles existing qualifications and certifications may be required.