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Barchester is all about doing things a little bit differently. Our unique approach to the care sector sets us apart, so to make things happen our people need to be a little bit different too.

Our residents, patients and their families expect great services, so our professional and dedicated team of specialists actively recruits people who are focused on continually improving the quality of life for the people in our care, to achieve our ambition of Barchester as the leading provider of care services.

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our staff

Our staff

Barchester is all about doing things a little bit differently. Our unique approach to the care sector sets us apart, so to make things happen our people need to be a little bit different...

Care awards

Barchester Care Awards

The Barchester Care Awards recognise outstanding care home staff and volunteers who are committed to the delivery of high-quality services and personalised-care.



Barchester recognises the special impact that all our volunteers have on the lives of the people who live in our homes and hospitals. 

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Richard Douglas

Resident: Richard Douglas' story

Currently residing at Mount Vale Care Home, Richard Douglas of Thirsk, is a truly talented artist, and is most famous for his portraits of Methodist founder, John Wesley, and his depiction of eighteenth century scenes.

Kevin smith

Staff: Kevin Smith's Story

Kevin Smith, Head Chef at South View, is amazing at what he does but he would be the first to admit that when he left the army and started working at a care unit for people with complex care needs he didn’t think he was up to the challenge.

Angela Reittie

Staff: Angela Reittie's story

Angela has worked at Bluebell Park Care Home as a chef for 7 years and recently made use of the skills she has learned in her career to benefit the younger generation too.

Henry and Betty

Valentine's Day stories: Henry and Betty

Henry and Betty have been married for 70 years and faced many challenges together. Now that Henry lives in a care home, their relationship remains as strong as ever and their memories have become even more precious.

Julie Reyes

Staff: Julie Reyes' Story

Julie came to the UK from the Philippines in September 2006 to begin working in a Barchester care home. Moving to the UK was something she had wanted to do for a long time and finally, at the age of 50, she had managed it.

Sharon Clarke

Staff: Sharon Clarke's story

Sharon was the first staff member at The Manor Care Home in Taunton to train to become a Care Practitioner, which is a new role within Barchester homes for talented care staff who want to do more to support the nurses they work alongside.

Trish Stonehill

Resident: Trish Stonehill's story

63 year-old Trish has been painting since she was in her twenties and is a talented artist, producing beautiful, expressive pieces that burst with colour.

Bill brand

Resident: Bill Brand's Story

Bill Brand lives at The Manor Care Home in Taunton. Bill has been living at The Manor since 2014 and, soon after, became Barchester’s very first Resident Ambassador – a role that allows him to be a voice for other people who live in the home.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown: The adrenaline junkie

Stephanie Brown, who lives at Kenwyn Care Home in Truro, has never been one to shy away from a challenge, even when she was at school. She loves taking part in extreme activities and describes herself as a thrill-seeker who’s always up to mischief.

David Russell

Resident: David Russell's Story

There are amazing people living in Barchester homes who refuse to let disability or age prevent them from pursuing the hobbies and interests they have always enjoyed.