Valentine's Day stories: Henry and Betty

Henry and Betty have been married for 70 years and faced many challenges together. Now that Henry lives in a care home, their relationship remains as strong as ever and their memories have become even more precious.

The couple met following a devastating Second World War in the summer of 1946. They were brought together by dancing, a hobby which sparked a flame that is still flickering brightly today.

When they met, the pair quickly realised how important their relationship was, how special they felt together and how strong their love was, so they got married on Christmas that same year.

It wasn’t long before Henry was sent to Singapore to help clean up the aftermath of war and when he returned his first daughter was already one and a half.

They lived in Brechin for most of their married life before moving to Hill Side. Throughout this time they delighted in the childhood and growth of their three children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Life was not always easy and Henry had to work very hard at the whiskey distillery to provide the best he could for his family. Yet they shared many good times together, such as big family picnics and fishing trips.

Throughout Henry’s life he volunteered at the Red Cross and was a blood donor, as he believed in the importance of helping others. This was just one of many admirable qualities Betty has been drawn to for so many years.

The pair are enjoying a very long and happy retirement and can still be seen holding hands and expressing an important lesson, that although times have been hard, both of them would do these 70 years again in a heartbeat because true love really can conquer all.