Respite Care for Individuals Living with Dementia

Respite care is a planned or emergency short-term stay in a care home. Barchester homes offer a wide variety of alternative approaches to respite care, depending on the type of care they specialise in. This can vary from low needs residential care to nursing care and also specialised dementia respite care.

It is understandable that someone living with dementia would prefer to be cared for in their own home, however, it can take a toll on a carer’s health and well-being. Carers need breaks as much as anyone, and so many of Barchester’s specialist dementia care homes offer short term stays to provide support for dementia carers whilst also ensuring that respite residents continue to be properly supported.

Providing Support for Dementia Carers

If you are perpetually stressed or tired, then the quality of care that you’ll be able to provide for your loved one may be reduced. If you need help with dementia care then short term stays at a care home for your loved might be the perfect option for you. Barchester homes offer support for carers of those living with dementia, which can have a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a break
  • Allows the carer to attend to their own needs
  • Opportunities for individuals living with dementia to make new friends and participate in new activities
  • 24/7 support by professionally trained staff
  • If the individual requires more care than usual (due to an operation etc.), then respite care could temporarily alleviate the additional stress

Types of Dementia Respite Care at Barchester

Barchester’s specialist care homes offer a range of dementia respite services to those in need. Our aim is to provide seamless continuity of care and our well-trained staff work hard to ensure that everyone's personal preferences are respected. The respite services we offer include:

  • Short term care – this is for when a home carer is temporarily unavailable to provide support for their loved one who is living with dementia
  • Medical aftercare – following a medical issue, such as an operation, your loved one may require more specialised care than what you are able to provide
  • Recurring respite care – recurring respite stays at a Barchester care home allows both the carer and individual with dementia to have a regular break and temporary independence from each other.