Memory Lane

Barchester’s Memory Lane Communities are specialised resources for people living with dementia. They reflect Barchester’s model of care based on hospitality, comfortable surroundings and high quality care but are designed to bring out the strengths of people living with dementia, to be welcoming to relatives and to local communities, and to ensure that staff give their best in a supportive environment. Everything in our Memory Lane communities has been carefully curated to help with moving someone with dementia into a care home — we understand how difficult this transition can be, so we want to make sure our environments can ease this process as much as possible.

Physical surroundings

People living with dementia can struggle to make sense of their physical surroundings. Individuals may have difficulty in locating specific areas as a result of memory loss or in making out steps as a result of problems with perception, for example.

Person-centred care

Our Memory Lane communities incorporate person-centred design in the use of colour and cues to help individuals navigate through the home. Thoughtful interior design features help with reminiscence. Communities are broken up into small units with a family feel, helping people feel safe and comfortable. Care is based on independence, dignity and choice, supported by a person-centred approach to care. Staffing levels reflect needs and people living with dementia are offered a range of activities to help preserve life skills, support interactions and retain a sense of purpose and selfhood.

Retain their sense of self

Though dementia in its late stages can threaten identity, people with dementia retain their sense of self through their relationships with others – and this can be built upon. In practice, this means responding to individual’s physical and psychological needs, developing relationships based on empathy, compassion and knowledge of individual’s life history.