Activities at Kingswood Court Care Home

Activities are the cornerstone of a wholesome home experience, and our Activities Coordinators are always putting their creative minds to the test by organising new and exciting social events for residents to partake in. Of course, we take into account the likes and dislikes of those we support, so if someone doesn’t feel like trying something new, there will always be something on offer to reflect their personal interests. For the people who may just prefer some peace and quiet instead, we also offer one-to-one time that can be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee or just a simple chat – whatever they desire.

Enriching life
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Life-encriching activities booklet

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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Kingswood Court Care Home

Kingswood Court Christmas Cake Winners!

Huge Congratulations to Head Chef Lee and his team for being announced as the Central Division Winners of the Christmas Cake Competition.

This stunning cake was a 4kg boiled whiskey fruit cake, with bauble muffins showing the residents names on as well as the Kingswood Court logo. All topped with rice crispy cone and meringue kisses. Standing at 1.6 meters this really was a show stopper!

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Christmas Displays at Local Garden Centre

Kingswood Court residents had a lovely trip out to Whitehall Garden Centre in Whitchurch. We had been told about the wonderful Christmas displays there and they certainly didn't disappoint it was beautiful, we all loved the singing reindeer! We then strolled around the Christmas shop and finished the trip with tea and cake! A very enjoyable time was had by all.

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Kingswood Court Says Thank You

Kingswood Court held a professionals' thank you dinner. Hosted by General Manager, Mathan, we welcomed local pharmacists, GPs, the neighbourhood police officers, as well as health care professionals including those who support care homes across the county.   Kingswood Court wanted to thank the community that supports the home throughout the year. It was also a great opportunity to thank the Barchester support teams who are not based in the home but visit regularly working with us from training to marketing, as well as the life enrichment team and our dementia specialist nurse.

Following welcome drinks in the Maple Lounge we went through to the dining room and enjoyed an absolutely delicious three course dinner. Thank you so much to Head Chef Lee and the hospitality team for the amazing food. Mathan spoke about the changes at Kingswood Court and what a great place the home is in; firstly in terms of care standards and quality of life of our residents, but also the ongoing refurbishment. There were a couple of quizzes, one all about Bristol and even with quite a few Bristolians in the room there were some gaps in knowledge about this great city!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, we are so grateful to those who work with Kingswood Court and we look forward to working with you all in 2024.

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Guides and Brownies Bring Residents Gifts

What an absolute treat last night as we welcomed the local Brownies and Guides to Kingswood Court. This great group of children sang beautifully and the residents so enjoyed the singing and the visit. The group had made each resident a bauble gift and presented it to them, and their kindness so touched the residents. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening it was wonderful to have so many people in the home.

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Singing and Dancing are Good for the Soul

Kingswood Court started our live festive entertainment with Rebecca performing a fantastic selection of Christmas songs. We all had such a great time with our wonderful care team joining in with some singing and dancing. We really are getting into our countdown to Christmas.

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Deck the Halls....

What a lovely day we had today putting up the Christmas decorations all around Kingswood Court and it looks fabulous. The residents so enjoyed decorating the trees and it really did get us all in the Christmas spirit!  Today is the start of the Kingswood Court's Countdown to Christmas and we are so looking forward to the festivities.