Mary Hamshere

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Mary Hamshere

Mary is a dedicated member of the Milford activities team and holds an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Activity Provision, which is accredited by NAPA (National Association of Activity Providers). Mary loves finding ideas for new activities that can be incorporated into our daily programme for both individuals and groups. She lives locally and has a busy life combining her work at Milford and looking after her family, cat and chickens.

Activities at Milford House

The Activities Team at Milford House are dedicated to providing a range of stimulating activities for both groups and individuals, that promote both physical and mental wellbeing based upon resident's interests both past and present. As a member of the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) the team are always striving to incorporate best practice into the array of activities on offer and to enhance their own skills through qualification with NAPA to NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Activities Provision. The team combine weekly activity favourites such as sherry mornings with special events, musical entertainments, slide shows, outings in our own mini-bus as well as encouraging local groups such as the Brownies to come into the home to interact with our residents. Milford House also benefits from a strong network of volunteers who support the Activity Team as they deliver their programme and who, along with friends and relatives, are always welcome to come and join in our sessions and outings.

Life at Milford House Care Home

Community Engagement Champion

Scarlet Leatham was crowned as the national winner in the Community Engagement Champion category at the 2020 Barchester Care Awards, held virtually on 8th October.

The awards celebrate staff and volunteers who go the extra mile for the benefit of residents and patients living in Barchester care homes and independent hospitals. 

More than 2,800 nominations were received from homes, residents, staff and relatives across the UK this year, which is nearly 1000 more than was received last year. Nominations were sent in by Barchester staff, but many more were also from residents and their families who have praised the fantastic care provided to their loved ones.

All entries have been of a very high standard, and Scarlet is thrilled to have been declared as the national winner!

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A Virtual Tour

Milford residents continue their virtual tours of amazing places. Most recently, it was to the Houses of Parliament. Following our booked appointment, we were greeted online by our guide, who gave us a wonderful tour of the Palace of Westminster,  all from the comfort of our own armchairs! 

It was an engaging and informative afternoon, and anyone who wanted to was able to ask questions at the end of the tour. 

This being Milford House, we rounded off our tour with a ‘Speaker’s Tea’, which was a great way to end the afternoon. More tours to follow!

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Healthy Eating Week

Our wonderful team of Chefs at Milford really got into the spirit of Healthy Eating Week, when each day they prepared something extra special for the residents to try. 

Every day, the team looked to prepare a balanced and nutritious menu, but there are always new ideas to tempt residents, and the week provided an opportunity to undertake some tasting of new foods and flavours. 

Our smoothie tasting was a case in point. Smoothies are available daily for the residents, but for our tasting afternoon, we also trialled some different flavours, such as peach melba, toffee and a banana split, just to name a few! 

By a short head, we think the peach melba came out on top and will definitely be added to our regular range of flavours.

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Taking in the View

Milford has spent the last two week celebrating everything seaside. Our conservatory has acquired a fabulous new picture window with a sea view to enjoy, while another corner has been transformed into a beach complete with buckets, spades and sandcastles and there are seaside themed items everywhere to take us to the beach in our minds at least!

Everyone has enjoyed taking trips down memory lane and a planned first week was extended to two weeks by popular demand.

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Milford House Celebrates National Fish & Chip Day

Residents at Milford had a seaside week, which culminated in National Fish & Chip Day. The weather was less than clement, but that didn’t stop the enjoyment of this traditional fayre and the meal was rounded off with ice cream cones topped with a flake of course!

Residents were then able to head down to the conservatory to complete the day by enjoying the seaside theme with our own sandy beach. By popular demand the beach was kept for another week for everyone to enjoy.

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A World of Photos

Residents and staff at Milford House celebrated ‘World Photo Day’ by joining together to take photos that represented ’A Day in the Life of Milford House’. 

With iPads and a variety of cameras at the ready, the photographers in the home were out and about all day taking a range of photos that represented a snapshot of our day. 

We are going to put together a collage of our day which will show just how residents and staff spend their time and all join together to make Milford House a home for everyone.

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Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.


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Need a venue?

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