Meet our Activities Coordinator, Mary Hamshere

Mary is a dedicated member of the Milford activities team and holds an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Activity Provision, which is accredited by NAPA (National Association of Activity Providers). Mary loves finding ideas for new activities that can be incorporated into our daily programme for both individuals and groups. She lives locally and has a busy life combining her work at Milford and looking after her family, cat and chickens.

Activities at Milford House

The Activities Team at Milford House are dedicated to providing a range of stimulating activities for both groups and individuals, that promote both physical and mental wellbeing based upon resident's interests both past and present. As a member of the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) the team are always striving to incorporate best practice into the array of activities on offer and to enhance their own skills through qualification with NAPA to NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Activities Provision. The team combine weekly activity favourites such as sherry mornings with special events, musical entertainments, slide shows, outings in our own mini-bus as well as encouraging local groups such as the Brownies to come into the home to interact with our residents. Milford House also benefits from a strong network of volunteers who support the Activity Team as they deliver their programme and who, along with friends and relatives, are always welcome to come and join in our sessions and outings.

Life at Milford House Care Home

National Nest Box Week

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing our lovely wildlife garden, we have been doing the rounds of our nesting boxes and making sure that they are fit for new residents this spring! 

Residents love the birds that flock to our gardens and, this year, we are hoping that we get some families deciding to take up residence. 

Residents have also chosen two new boxes, which will be going up once we have all decided on suitable locations.

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Valentine's Day

Residents at Milford House have enjoyed a range of Valentine’s-themed activities. We have a lovely backdrop of roses, which has brightened up our conservatory, and the decorations have been up in all corners of the home. 

On the day itself, all residents were given a rose, a chocolate gift, a poem for the day, as well as a quiz and staff; and residents alike turned their thoughts to family and friends, even though this year we actually be with them right now.

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Waiting for Wildlife

Despite the cold and frosty mornings, our wildlife garden is showing signs of springing to life, with bulbs and other plants starting to pop up out of the soil. 

Our garden is still in its infancy and, over the winter, we have added a notice board so that we can highlight what is growing in the garden and what wild life to look out for. 

We have cleaned out our nesting boxes ready for new residents and we have undertaken the work required to keep the habitat welcoming for any and all visiting wildlife. 

We are also working with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, who are sending through activity packs as they cannot visit us in person to help us engage with the wildlife that we attract over the coming months.

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Fashion Forward

Residents were treated to a fashion show by one of our care staff, who has a passion for vintage. Carefully selected items were on show and residents thoroughly enjoyed discussing the fabrics and fashions, especially as they could identify with similar items that they themselves had worn. 

Accessories were also looked at and how a simple necklace or bag can thoroughly transform an ensemble. This was a really popular event, which we ran several times so that we could keep our groups small and socially distanced. We will be revisiting this activity again later in the season looking at more spring-like items.

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A Snowy Start

Residents art sessions have recently been inspired by the snowy scenes that we have seen around the country on our televisions. While the snow may not actually have fallen at Milford House, that didn’t stop our imaginations filling in! 

Some absolutely gorgeous snow scenes were the result, making us all feel pleased to be warm and cosy inside.

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Spreading the Christmas Spirit

Staff and residents at Milford House decided to cheer up the local community by making some Christmas baubles and leaving them out in baskets near the home for passers-by to collect and take home. 

We left a message inside each one asking people that, if they felt like it, to share a picture of the bauble on their tree or wherever they put it. 

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Upcoming events

Need a venue?

Need a venue?

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