Celebrating life at Barchester

Whilst the world outside is in uncertain times, safe inside our Barchester homes our residents are carrying on with

fun activities and we are joining forces with our local communities to share some cheer.

Take a look at what we've been up to...

Arbour Court Care Home

Since our home is closed to visitors and loved ones, we have decided to send personalised and to  include a photo of some of our residents holding their messages. The residents really enjoyed doing this as they hope it puts their loved ones' minds at ease.

Rothsay Grange Care Home

Rothsay Grange received this very kind donation from our local TK Maxx branch here in Andover. The bags were filled with delicious treats for our hard working, dedicated team here at Rothsay Grange. We would like to pass on our gratitude for being considered at this time of uncertainty, and hope everyone stays safe and well.

Juniper House Care Home

Juniper House is clearly the hub of its community. We have excellent relationship with a private school nearby, and yesterday they arrived here with flowers, cards and pictures for all the residents. The school has launched a campaign to support us through this difficult time, and they have called it 'Flowers for Friends'.

Red Oaks Care Home

Postcards of Kindness is an initiative which was launched originally in 2018 asking people to write and send postcards to residents of care homes. Although it’s a small gesture, the subsequent postcards convey happiness and stimulate energetic conversations among the residents who receive them.

Here at Red Oaks we love this caring and positive idea, which has evolved into a national crusade making connections, sharing stories and forming friendships. We want to combat loneliness and isolation and Postcards of Kindness remind our residents that there's always somebody thinking of them. We have discovered that holiday postcards sent to Red Oaks’ residents have been a great way to make the residents’ day, enthusing residents' memories which triggers lively conversations.

We have regular letters from Hurstpierpoint College and cards from a broad-spectrum of people of all ages, including Zak who is only aged 4.

“Residents really enjoy replying to postcards of Kindness if the sender adds their address” said Marilyn Knight, Activities managers

“Holiday memories brighten someone's day” commented Linda Ryan, General Manager.

Our Red Oak’s residents with more advanced dementia enjoy the more tactile side, which adds a sensory perspective for our residents who delight in collecting objects and postcards which they can hold and keep.

Post cards of Kindness reminds our residents at Red Oaks that there’s always somebody thinking of them.

If you would like to join in you can join Postcards of Kindness via their Facebook group.

Newlands Care Home

Residents at Newlands Care Centre, Workington have joined the worldwide ‘Postcards of Kindness’ scheme last week. They have already received their first postcard from Stirlingshire with a lovely letter from the writer. Residents are excited to respond to the sender and start connecting with many others around the world.