Activities at Werrington Lodge Care Home

Our specialist activities staff are committed to organising a mix of activities and events for residents and the local community to get involved in, including trips out to local places of interest in our minibus and visits from entertainers and musicians. It is important to us that each individual who we support can get as much from these as possible, so we try our best to arrange activities that reflect their interests and capabilities as best as possible and encourage them to participate in any way they can. We also encourage relatives to join with activities and events as often as they can.

Enriching life
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Werrington Lodge Care Home

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Dementia Café Launch

We had the honour of meeting the Mayor of Peterborough Marco Cereste. Residents staff families and guests all had a chance to have a chat. The Mayor came over to support the launch of our monthly Dementia Cafe.

Chocolate treats!

Werrington Lodge residents had a wonderful morning celebrating 200 years of Cadbury chocolate. Lots of reminiscing about favourite bars and got to taste some delicious chocolate

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Cuddly Pets

Yesterday we welcomed Michelle from Cuddlly pets to Werrington Lodge. The residents really enjoyed watching and cuddling the animals especialy the cheeky Hen who kept us all entertained.

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A Visit from the Easter Bunny

Here at Werrington Lodge Care Home we have our own traditions and we are committed to honour them every year. As Easter approached we received the annual visit from the Easter Bunny who brought chocolate eggs to all members of staff and residents. With a hop and a wag of his tail he made his way through the care home, knocking on each door. When he entered in the rooms a big smile appeared on residents faces, and when they received the Easter treat they felt even more loved and spoilt. Easter Bunny’s visit it’s not just a tradition, but it is a symbol of love and kindness, and the spirit of togetherness that we keep promoting every day.

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A Visit from Michelle and her Therapy Pets

The 14th of march has been an exciting day as Werrington Lodge Care Home welcomed Michelle, an enthusiastic pet therapist, who arrived with a variety of little friends, each one with their own uniqueness and personality: three dogs, one even wearing a lovely costume, two furry cats, a sprinting turtle, a curious guinea pig, a clucking hen and a fluffy bunny. The atmosphere was absolutely bubbling as all residents were laughing and giggling while stroking the soft and funny animals. It is been so rewarding to see all different reactions of the residents: some of them felt very emotional as they were pet owners themselves, but others, who were a bit hesitant at the beginning got drawn by the animals energy. Having our residents so involved in this kind of activities gives us a sense of fulfilment and happiness that we hope will continue to thrive.

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Easter Bingo

For Easter it was fun and games as we went eyes down for some Bingo. The residents were poised with their pens as the numbers were called out. We had prizes for a line and the excitement grew as some were waiting for the last number to be picked, so they could shout “House” and claim the Easter egg as prize.

It fills our hart up to see how these activities brings together not just the residents and their families but also with the fellow residents who needed a little help and encouragement to find the numbers. And well done to the winners.  

Upcoming events

Musical Event

Come and listen to the Piano man for a fun filled morning!!!