Meet the Werrington Lodge Care Home Team

Our staff are what hold the home together. Each one of these team members are dedicated to providing high quality care and services to those we support, and ensuring that residents enjoy all aspects of life at our home. See below to meet some of our friendly faces:

Cristina Ciardulli

General Manager

Hello, my name is Cristina and I am the General Manager at Werrington Lodge. Welcome to our website! 

I gained my Nursing Degree and Masters in Management back home in Italy, moved to England in 2014 and feel very fortunate to have had an exceptionally varied career so far in the care of elderly people and those living with Dementia too. As an experienced home manager I understand how difficult the transition into new surroundings can be. My highly qualified team and myself are committed to fully support you and your family throughout this journey and always.

I am passionate about providing outstanding care and ensuring the well-being and happiness of our residents. My team and I strive to create a home from home atmosphere at Werrington Lodge where each resident can pursue their hobbies and interests in a supported environment.

If there is anything I can do to assist you please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will do my very best to help anyone who is starting to explore their future care needs. Please drop in for a cup of tea and a chat – my door is always open and I look forward to welcoming you to Werrington Lodge very soon!

Chiara Dino

Acting Deputy Manager

Hi, I’m Chiara and I am the Acting Deputy Manager at Werrington Lodge.

I joined Barchester in 2019 and progressed as a Senior Nurse in Longueville Court, one of our sister Homes, before transferring to Werrington Lodge in July 2023 as a Clinical Lead Nurse. I started working as a nurse in my home country, the Philippines, in 2014 and in 2017 I migrated in United Arab Emirates and continued to work in healthcare before I moved to the UK in 2019.

Looking after people, supporting them in any way that I can and knowing that I can make a small difference in their lives, humbles me and reminds me why I became a nurse. I hope our home gives you that feeling of ease, sense of comfort and belongingness. I am looking forward to welcome you at our lovely home!

Mirela Condurache

Clinical Lead

Hello I am Mirela and I am in the Clinical Lead here at Werrington Lodge.

I joined the team in 2015 and have over 20 years experience as a Nurse and a lot of expertise too. I am driven to ensure only the highest standards of Nursing Care is provided to our residents - just as if I was looking after a member of my own family. Delivering outstanding care is at the forefront of everything we do here at Werrington Lodge and I am proud to be a part of such a great clinical team.

Annabel Martin

Community Manager

Hi, my name is Annabel and I am one of the Community Managers here at Werrington Lodge.

I have always enjoyed helping people in whatever way I can one thing that I feel is really important is offering our residents a lot of personal choice.

I like to spend as much time as possible with the people that we care for and I also really enjoy getting to know our residents' families and provide them with support when they need it. It is my absolute goal to make this a home from home and a place that our residents’ thoroughly enjoy living at!

Crina Gavriliuc

Senior Registered Nurse

I am Crina - Senior Registered Nurse at Werrington Lodge Care Home. 

I have been working here since 2020 and I could say that I grew a lot personally and professionally since being part of this team. 

Working in this environment I realised that I could make a huge difference in the people life, especially our residents and their families who rely on us to look after their loved ones. Along with being professional and skilled I consider that kindness and compassion are the key in ensuring the well being for our residents and this is what made me enjoy doing my job because it comes very naturally to me. 

As every person is different I am there to ensure that our residents get the care that they need and they feel comfortable to express their preferences. Person centred care is a key of living happy and secure even in the latest stage of the life and together with my working team our goal is to provide that.

Mabel Lyamabo

Registered Nurse

Hi, my name is Mabel and I am a Registered Nurse here at Werrington Lodge.

As an RGN my focus is on our residents well being, ensuring that they are as healthy and mobile as possible. My passion has always been looking after the elderly and ensuring that they live happy and healthy lives receiving the highest quality of care at all times.

I really enjoy working at Werrington Lodge and providing care and support to our residents and future residents that choose to make this their home.

Joshua Jebasingh

Registered Nurse

Hello, my name is Joshua and I am a Registered Nurse here at Werrington Lodge.

I thoroughly enjoying working with an amazing team and caring for our residents at the home and getting to know their families too.

Providing great care is very important to me and there is nothing else in the world that I would rather be doing – I just love looking after people and making sure they are ok and safe. Our residents always have so many lovely stories too that they kindly share with me and that is truly special.

Michelle Barrie

Team Leader

Hello, my name is Michelle, and I am the Team Leader here at Werrington Lodge.

My passion has always been looking after the elderly and Dementia Care.  

I really enjoy working at Werrington Lodge and providing care and support to our residents and future residents that choose to make this their home. It is paramount to me that our residents live happy and healthy lives receiving the highest quality of care at all times.

Sharon Cliffe

Head Chef

My name is Sharon and I am the Head Chef here at Werrington Lodge. I have worked at the home since 2011 and pride myself on preparing high quality food and seeing our residents enjoy the dishes that the team and myself create makes me very happy!

Our Hospitality team here at Werrington Lodge is committed to providing seasonal home cooked menus offering choice, nutrition and quality - including exciting menus to specific individual dietary needs and all appetites. The food we produce is hugely important to our residents which is why it is absolutely imperative that we always get their feedback and continuously meet the needs and nutritional quota of every single resident who chooses to make Werrington Lodge their home.

Aaron Speechley

Senior Head of Maintenance

Hello, my name is Aaron, and I am the Senior Head of Maintenance at Werrington Lodge.

With over five years of experience in facilities management and maintenance, I bring a deep understanding of the critical role maintenance plays in ensuring the seamless operation and safety of our facilities. My goal has been to create an environment that is not only functional but also inviting and well-maintained.

Nikki Bowers

Head Housekeeper

Hi, my name is Nikki and I am Head Housekeeper here at Werrington Lodge.

I especially enjoy spending time with our residents and getting to know them as my team and I maintain the highest level of cleanliness and standards throughout our home. I love to help our residents settle in and ensure everything is just as they like it every single day!

Lisa Shore

Care Assistant

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a Care Assistant here at Werrington Lodge. I have always enjoyed looking after elderly people and supporting them in their daily routines.

I thoroughly enjoy working alongside the team here at Werrington Lodge and with all of our lovely residents too!

It makes me feel very happy to know that our residents enjoy living at the home and together we provide the best care for them every single day.

Karan Ann Radomski

Care Assistant

Hi, my name is Karan and I am one of the Care Assistants here at Werrington Lodge.

I really enjoy getting to know our residents and making sure that they are always well cared for to enable them to settle comfortably in their new home - making every day they spend with us the best it possibly can be.