Meet our Activities Coordinator, Rita Matusebiciute

Rita is our activities coordinator at Ritson Lodge. Rita has had 14 years experience in Activities and has been with Barchester for 3 years. She previously worked in Chelsea in another Care Home working with all of the west end stars! Rita loves being with our residents and supporting our residents to live their best life.. 

Activities at our home

Our home is always full of life, and we can thank our wonderful Activities Coordinators for this. Dedication to creating a unique and interesting activities programme is what sets us apart from other homes. We always take into consideration that some people would prefer to pursue their own interests, which is why our team strive to incorporative activities that cater to a wide range of tastes and hobbies. Our trips out are always fun and exciting as well, and residents are guaranteed to return with stories to tell their loved ones!

Life at Ritson Lodge Care Home

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Our photography competition winners!

Congratulations to the Winner's of our Photography Competition 

On the 15th June we had Nature Photography Day, we invited Hopton community to submit photos for Ritson to display and got so many responses. 

We made displays from all of the photos that got sent to us so that residents choose 2 winners who won prizes. Our winning pictures will be displayed in our beautiful home and are below for you to see!

To find out more about Ritson Lodge and the care we can provide please contact General Manager, Joanne Head on 01502 734000. 


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International Nurses Day!


Coinciding with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, International Nurses Day, held on Wednesday 12th May, is a day to celebrate nurses and care staff around the world. Residents and staff at Ritson Lodge care home in Great Yarmouth were happy to get involved.

In 2021, the World Health Organisation is seeking to highlight the ways in which nurses are innovating and to explore what the future of nursing could look like. This year, more than ever, we are hugely indebted to all our care staff, and we are incredibly proud to applaud their extraordinary efforts and commitment, on this special day of recognition.  International Nurses’ Day is a day to give thanks for the dedication of care givers everywhere, who go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver extraordinary care and support.

We are welcoming new residents into our homes to ensure that we are there for those that need care and support. We’re making our homes as safe as possible and will ensure that all new residents and staff are vaccinated before moving in or working in our homes.  Please do give us a call on 01502 734000 if you are looking for care or need any further help.

Ritson Lodge is run by Barchester Healthcare, one of the UK’s largest care providers, which is committed to delivering high-quality care across its care homes and hospitals. Ritson Lodge provides Residential, Dementia and Nursing Care.



For more information please contact Jo Head, General Manager at Ritson Lodge on 01502 734000.

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Our First Family Visit to a Family Home!

The 7th May marks one of the most heartwarming moments we, at Ritson Lodge have seen in more than a year!

Our wonderful Ray went on a visit to see his daughter Carol at home. They shared tea and cake in the garden, fussed his beloved cats and all in all had a wonderful time. 

It is so nice that our residents can start to experience normal life again and you'll hopefully see us in the local newspaper as well!

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Thank you to Gorleston Morrisons!

Thank you to our local Morrisons Store in Gorleston-on-Sea. Stacey and Sophie to stores Community Champions have donated Seeds of Hope to us in aid of Mental Health recovery.

We cannot wait to plant these and watch the flower bloom beautifully!


Celebrating Raz's 103rd Birthday!

Ritson Lodge celebrated Erasmus Leech's 103rd birthday last week. Erasmus, known as Raz moved to Ritson Lodge last year and had a fantastic day celebrating with our staff and other residents. 

For all of our residents birthday we always make an effort and make them a lovely cake of their choice! 

To find out more about Ritson Lodge and the care we can provide to your loved one please contact Jo Head, General Manager on 01502 734000


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Easter Preparations are underway at Ritson!

Easter preparations are under way at Ritson Lodge.

Spring flowers, home made Hot cross buns and Easter displays.

The whole village has been yarned by the Hopton Yarn Bombers too.

Getting ready for the chocolate next.. 

To find out more about our wonderful home and the care we can provide for your loved one please contact Jo Head for more information about our home on 01502 734000

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Upcoming events

Tea and a Tour

Tea and a Tour

Our General Manager and team would like to welcome you for tea and a tour of our home.