Activities at our home

Our activities team are great at building the activities programme around the likes and interests of the people we care for. Ensuring that our social events offer fun and adventure is part of the ethos of our home; it’s important that those we support can enjoy an active and social lifestyle. Of course, there will always be those who prefer peace and quiet, and in these instances, a cup of tea and a chat are always welcomed.

Life at Tyspane Care Home


VE Day

Residents at Tyspane celebrated VE Day with Bletchley Park-style word games, chatting about their experiences and afternoon tea and music.


Residents took part in an afternoon of bowling, first as single players and then a teams. It got quite competitive and we are always surprised what good aim our residents have.

Royal Celebrations

Residents had a special day celebrating National Tea Day and the Queen’s 95th birthday on 21st April in style.

The team at the home put together a tea party to mark the day, which falls on the Queen’s landmark birthday. Supplied with a tasty selection of cakes, and of course, teas for the event, the residents had lots of fun taking part in conversation, reminiscing and watching past celebrations on the television.

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Holi Celebrations

Residents enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon celebrating the Hindu festival Holi, including lantern making, powder paint art and Indian music and food.

Dog Show

Due to weather conditions, we held the second part of our ‘Staff Dog Show’ indoors, and residents enjoyed choosing from categories on our photo board, like ‘Best in Show’. Weather-permitting, we will hold an outdoor dog show later in the year.

Afternoon Tea

Residents enjoyed an afternoon cream tea whilst choosing their favourite pooch at our staff dog show.

Upcoming events

Tea and a Tour

Tea and a Tour

Our General Manager and team would like to welcome you for tea and a tour of our home. 

Calling All Emergency Services

Calling All Emergency Services

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