Activities at Cubbington Mill Care Home

Every day we run different activities throughout our home. The activities are designed and adapted to each individuals personal needs. The activities are designed to mentally and physically stimulate the people we care for and also to enhance their life skills and feelings of purpose and self-worth. The activities encourage interaction on a one to one basis, in small groups, in large groups and some are designed for the whole home including staff to be involved in.

We are registered with the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) which ensures we are able to achieve and continually progress to enhance the quality of life for those we support in the home. We provide entertainers such as singers, musicians, magicians, puppeteers, poets and dancers. We also have regular exercise classes and arts and craft classes. Relatives and visitors will be able to see what me make in these classes on display around the home. We have regular trips out on the mini bus to visit garden centres, enjoy high tea, visit the butterfly farm and spend the day at the zoo with a picnic. We encourage the local community, schools, colleges and relatives to come and join us for activities, tea and cake and to visit to share their skills as much as possible. 

Staff from across the home are always willing to help and share their knowledge and skills across a whole range of activities we have had everything from carers preforming Bollywood style dancing to cooking classes from the chef. We feel activities are a vital part of the residents lives to ensure they are stimulated mentally and entertained.

Enriching life
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Rose Tucker

Activities Coordinator

Hi my name is Rose and I am the activities coordinator at Cubbington Mill!

I have been working in care since I was 17 and very passionate about my role, always trying to do bigger & better. I am one of Cubbington Mills Dementia Champions. I'm very privileged to work with the wonderful people and residents at Barchester's Cubbington Mill and hope we all make some lovely memories together! I LOVE to find out about residents interests & hobbies through tools like the “Getting To Know Me Booklets”. 

We are always open to new ideas. If you would like to get involved in any of our Life Enrichment activities or have a skill, or project you'd like to share with our residents, please click here to contact me direct. New entertainers and community links are always welcome.

Life-encriching activities booklet

Read our brochure 'Life-enriching activities' for more information about life in our care homes.
Read our brochure

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Cubbington Mill Care Home

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Supercentarian takes part in Biology Research

On Sunday 19th May 2024, resident John Farringdon (turning 111 on Friday 7th June 2024), was invited to take part in research for the biology of ageing. President and Chief Science Officer of the LEV Foundation, Aubrey de Grey and Phlebotomist/Researcher Natalie Coles, visited John at Cubbington Mill after travelling from California, USA.

Supercentenarians (108 years or older) are the world’s oldest people. Seventy four are alive worldwide, with twenty two in the United States. As would be expected for people that reach this age, supercentenarians have escaped many age-related diseases. For example, there is a 19% lifetime incidence of cancer in centenarians compared to 49% in the normal population. Similarly, supercentenarians have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Aubrey and Natalie took an instant fondness to John, recognising his routine and how very well looked after he is at Cubbington Mill Care Home. They all celebrated with a whisky and ‘cheers’, and reminisced over life stories in the homes dining room.

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Catch us in the… SUNSHINE

Cubbington Mill, residents, staff and relatives enjoying this incredible weather we were having at the weekend in the homes beautiful gardens, utilising all life enriching areas of our care home.

A big shout out to Activities Assistant Marie, on her first day at CM tailoring an activity to the residents needs and interests! Well done to our care staff team, on their use of the new digital system Enable & ensuring our residents stay safe in the sun, with constant hydration, sun cream application and ice lollies to keep cool.

Capturing the moment this time, goes to National Customer Experience Champion, Laura Renalson.

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Celebrating 200 years of Cadbury

Residents Bob, Janet, Pat, Chris, Cheryl and Hazel along with other residents and of course Activity Coordinator Rose, were delighted to be involved with the latest Barchester Live Event, being 200 Years of Cadbury Memories. Sarah and Connor from Cadburys, walked us through the story of the brand’s great success from the very first shop, to how Cadbury is celebrating its 200th anniversary.  They shared photos from down the years, examples of old packaging and ad campaigns from the Cadbury archive in Bournville.  The carefully selected archive material told us the story of an iconic British brand, that has been part of people’s lives through generations, in moments big and small. The brand’s rich history evoked all kinds of nostalgic memories for the residents watching who all have their own Cadbury memories. We finished of the event by sharing bars of Cadburys with staff, a true whole home approach, spo everyone can be involved.

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Butterflies Nursery Stay & Play

On Wednesday 24th April at Cubbington Mill, we celebrated ‘Intergenerational Week’ by inviting local nursery Butterflies to come, sing and play with us! The children bought along their favourite games to play, making shapes from homemade playdoh and sensory items to touch and smell. Resident Ann couldn’t  quite believe how polite and well-behaved all the children were when playing and taking it in turns. Resident Janet decided to play ‘balloon tennis’ which soon filled the room with laughter and smiles by all! So a little bit about Butterflies. Butterflies day nursery provides a high standard of care for children aged 18 months - 5 years and is rated a 'Good' nursery by Ofsted. The children are looked after by the same staff / key workers to ensure they get to know them well and feel happy, secure and safe in a fun, friendly and homely environment. Butterflies is located on Windmill Hill a 10 minute walk away from Cubbington Mill.

Dream Come True

Resident Ambassador, Cheryl Saywell, at Cubbington Mill had always wanted to attend an organ recital in church so Rose Tucker the homes Activity Coordinator and Volunteer Glenda at the home made her wish a reality.

Cheryl has lived at Cubbington Mill for less than a year, before this Cheryl was a regular returning respite resident and is loved by staff and residents alike. Staff at the home were delighted to be a part of making her dream come true, as they knew how much it meant to her and they all wanted to be there to see the smile on Cheryl’s face.

Cheryl felt empowered that she was able to express her wish and have it fulfilled. Cheryl was extremely grateful to Rose for organising this trip alongside the dedication and hard work shown to make this dream come true. Cheryl gave Rose a big hug, round of applause and pat on the back.

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Posie Passion

Volunteer, Glenda, was on hand with Activity Coordinator,  Rose and Relative of Resident, Gisela, all got together in the dining room with Resident Ambassador Cheryl, Residents, Pat, Una, Maggy, Alison, Pat and Janet to make posies for our nearest and dearest. If there’s one thing our ladies enjoy at Cubbington it is certainly our shared love for flowers and beautiful gardens. Whilst the activity was happening, we listened to our favourite radio station, Smooth, singing along to some classics. Cheryl made a posie for 1 of our poorly residents and then hand delivered, which cheered Brenda up greatly. Rose made a posie for Resident, John who had unfortunately been in hospital but had attended all Posie Making Life Enrichment sessions before, so felt he hadn’t actually missed out at all.