Activities at Worplesdon View Care Home

Activities at Worplesdon View

The activities team at Worplesdon View organise and run activities and events for large groups, small groups and individual residents. We include relatives, volunteers and the remaining staff whenever possible and encourage choice and participation from everyone we support. Our programme is planned in advance and is is designed provide tailored, meaningful activities for residents to participate in that will stimulate all senses, whist encouraging mental and physical well-being. We have an activity plan for all residents, and of course, this changes with the needs of each person to keep it up-to-date and useful. Worplesdon View is a fun and dynamic place to live and work, and the secret to this is that everyone is encouraged to see activities as part of their role in the home so that residents are happy and always have something to do.

Enriching life
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Worplesdon View Care Home

VE Day Celebration

David's lively tunes filled the air, bringing smiles to everyone's faces as we danced and sang along. The nostalgic melodies of the accordion transported us back in time, evoking memories of joy and unity. It was heart-warming to see our residents come together, sharing stories and laughter, creating new memories that will be cherished for years to come. David's presence truly added a special touch to our VE Day celebrations, and we are grateful for his talent and enthusiasm. We look forward to more unforgettable moments with him in the future. Thank you, David, for bringing your music and spreading happiness among us.

Garden Centre Trip

Exploring Clandon Park Garden Centre was a delightful experience indeed! The aromatic scent of eucalyptus wafting through the air added a touch of tranquillity to our visit. Pausing for a cosy cup of tea and indulging in a delicious slice of cake was the perfect way to recharge. Meeting old friends unexpectedly made the day even more special, filling our hearts with warmth and joy. It just goes to show that a leisurely afternoon stroll can truly brighten our spirits and create cherished memories to treasure.

Toddler Play Morning

It's been such a joy to spend time with these amazing child minders and the adorable children in their care, at our new monthly event. The energy and laughter in the room were infectious as we explored an array of toys, sang songs, and even discovered new hidden features on our rainbow table, thanks to the curious little ones. It's moments like these that remind us of the magic and wonder that children bring into our lives every day.

New Rainbow Table

We have recently received The Digital Rainbow - Care Home Table, and we couldn't be more excited! This will really enhance what we can offer our residents receiving care in bed, fancy learning to play piano? Draw a mandala? Or explore the street of Venice? It's all possible and more! We're only just getting started!

Craft Café Trip

This April we had our monthly trip to GLive's Craft Cafe, and this month we were doing some mindful colouring, and we found it very therapeutic! Dorothy was great with the stencils, Marsha couldn't quite get the hang of them! We enjoyed colouring motivating phrases, whilst having a coffee, biscuits and chat! It was lovely to get out in the sunshine and meet the local community.

Gardening Club

Despite all the rain over April (truly April showers!) we have found a few lovely days to get out in the garden! Now we have to wait and see where our seeds grow best! This mix of flowers are meant to attract bees and butterflies, we can’t wait to see what blooms over the next few weeks!