Fernanda Gomes

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Fernanda Gomes

Hello, my name is Fernanda Gomes and I’m the Activities Coordinator here at Worplesdon View.

Since 2016, I have been part of this wonderful team, starting as a Hostess before moving on to Care Assistant, and finally to Activities Coordinator.

I have always been fond of talking and engaging with residents, knowing more about them and trying to understand them, as well as their loved ones. It gives me great pleasure knowing that I have put a smile on each of their faces.

There has never never a dull moment from the first day I started, which makes this job even more exciting, not knowing what to expect.

Activities at Worplesdon View

The activities team at Worplesdon View organise and run activities and events for large groups, small groups and individual residents. We include relatives, volunteers and the remaining staff whenever possible and encourage choice and participation from everyone we support. Our programme is planned in advance and is is designed provide tailored, meaningful activities for residents to participate in that will stimulate all senses, whist encouraging mental and physical well-being. We have an activity plan for all residents, and of course, this changes with the needs of each person to keep it up-to-date and useful. Worplesdon View is a fun and dynamic place to live and work, and the secret to this is that everyone is encouraged to see activities as part of their role in the home so that residents are happy and always have something to do.

Life at Worplesdon View Care Home

Garden Fair

We had a funfair with plenty of fun games. We had a raffle for staff to say thank you for working so had over the last five months and lots of prizes and sweets for everyone.

Memory Lane

At Worplesdon View, we know how important is to enable our residents to reminisce about their most precious memories, from a walk around the garden to revived old hobbies

Armchair Travel

Travelling to new places and experiencing new cultures can build empathy and offer new learning opportunities. While our residents may not be able to explore different parts of the world in person, we gave them the next best thing: a full travel experience without leaving their armchairs.

World Chocolate Day

This isn't a day many of us will need much persuasion to celebrate, and there are many ways we can to it. To celebrate the World Chocolate Day, our residents were able to enjoy a chocolate party with a chocolate testing contest, a singalong and a lecture on the history of the Dairy Milk bar. 

Royal Ascot

Residents and staff at Worplesdon had their bets at the ready for Royal Ascot, which ran from 16th – 20th June. The racing fans at Worplesdon weren’t phased by the current situation, as they had the opportunity to enjoy the event from the comfort of their own armchair.

Residents and staff got together to watch the races, and also celebrated in a very Royal Ascot fashion with music and decorations and cocktails.

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Royal Celebrations

On Saturday June 13th, the Queen celebrated her second, and official birthday. Our residents were asked to design a birthday cake in honour of Her Majesty's big day. It was a lot of fun designing the cake. It’s not every day we get to design a cake fit for the Queen!

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Minibus Trip

Minibus Trip

We enjoy regular trips out on our minibus - everyone is welcome!

Shopping Trip

Shopping Trip

Everyone is welcome to join us on one of our weekly shopping trips!

Reminiscence Time

Reminiscence Time

We will be talking about the good ol' days at our weekly reminiscence session.

Pub Lunch

Pub Lunch

Join us for a delicious pub lunch!