Meet our Activities Coordinator, Charlotte Govier

My name is Charlotte and I am the Activities Coordinator here at Hethersett Hall. I started as an Activities & Care Assistant in April 2018 and, later in the year, I was offered the amazing opportunity to be the Activities Coordinator.

I’m so happy to be a part of the team here at Hethersett Hall, as I’ve always wanted to work with elderly people; it’s something I hold very close to my heart. I will strive to support and care for all residents in a way that best suits each individual and try my very best to make them smile every day!

Activities at our home

Activities, hobbies and interests make up the most important part of our days and who we are as people. We provide a varied activities programme that reflects the interests and capabilities of all the individuals we support. All of the group and individual activities are designed to not only mentally and physically stimulate the people we care for, but to enhance their life skills and feelings of purpose and self-worth. We achieve this through a constantly updated activities programme and one-to-one sessions with residents that are tailored to suit individuals needs. We also offer a range of outings in our mini-bus.

Life at Hethersett Hall Care Home

Terrific Tech

We received a very generous gift from Cladspray Solutions through our connection with Friend in Deed. They kindly donated a brand new Alexa, a digital photo frame, headphones, as well as other forms of technology, which our residents will thoroughly enjoy and support activities for a well enriched lifestyle. Thank you all so much!

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The Wizardry of Magic Tables

We are very lucky to have a Magic Table 360 in our home; residents love to interact with it. Whether it’s by themselves or part of a group, there is something for everyone, at all different skill levels.

The games and apps are specially designed for people living with dementia to stimulate their varying needs. Sweeping leaves can be both sensory and help improve dexterity; it’s also a great conversation starter and talking piece.

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National Intergenerational Week

To celebrate Intergenerational Week, we planned a fun game of scattergories with the children of Firside Junior School through Zoom. We competed to see how many catergories we could name in 5 minutes.

The children were very excited to chat with our residents and share a little about themselves. We certainly had a great time! Big thank you to teacher Lucy and her students for their cooperation and for bringing smiles to our residents faces.

To further our celebrations of National Intergenerational Week, we took part in yet another exciting sing, rhyme and move session with little visitors from Friend in Deed. So many of our residents came along to enjoy singing with the children. There were smiles all round and it was such a joyous atmosphere.

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Quiz Time

In the week full of puzzles, we were invited by Kelly from Friend in Deed to join children from Firside Junior School in Norwich for a quiz via Zoom.

Activities staff prepared a series of questions for residents to ask children, which encouraged great moments of interaction.

We look forward to planning our next Zoom activity with Firside and Friend in Deed. Thank you to all!

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The Power of Pampering

It’s a proven fact that pampering is a very effective way to lift spirits, boost esteem and in turn improve quality of life. Staff dedicated a whole afternoon to spending quality time with residents, offering a choice of treatments, including facials, manicures and hand/foot massages.

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed their pamper session and felt very relaxed afterwards. Even some gentlemen enjoyed a soothing hand massage. It was lovely to hear residents and staff engaging conversation and having a giggle.

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Fond Memories

In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, we spent some valuable one-to-one time with our residents, taking time to listen to stories of their lives and their fondest memories. We asked residents what’s the secret to a happy marriage or what their Valentine's advice would be.

On Valentine’s Day we thought, what better way to celebrate than by having a virtual tour to three of the most romantic cities in the world? 

We travelled to Paris, Venice and Santorini in the comfort of our own lounge. Activities staff prepared a selection of different foods from these beautiful cities whilst residents admired wonderful scenic views. We prepared an array of pastries from France, delicious Focaccia bread and oils from Italy and some sweet Baklava from Greece.

Our residents enjoyed armchair travel so much that they said we should do it more often. 

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