Meet our Activities Coordinator, Rachel Anderson

My name is Rachel, I have worked in Care Industry for 20 years and I have had various roles within the industry. I have now found a role in which I am very passionate about.

I started at The Fernes in February 2019, and I knew from day one, I had found the perfect role and environment to work in.

I am passionate about making every day here an enjoyable experience for everyone. I particularly enjoy talking and getting to know everyone. I am a very driven individual and like to plan each activity with my colleagues to ensure everyone’s needs are adhered to.

I am a very happy and bubbly person and love my job. I am here to have fun and succeed in my new role.

Activities at the Fernes

At The Fernes we endeavour to make our care as personal as possible, including when it comes to activities. We will give you a 'Getting to Know Me' booklet for you to fill out with your loved one before they arrive, which includes a little life history and a tick sheet for a vast amount of activities. This enables us to offer the activities we know they will enjoy and enables us to learn valuable information about their lives and what might stimulate them in conversations and trips. 

Our specialist Activities and Lifestyle staff make sure there are always meaningful activities to take part in, such as helping in the garden, baking some bread to have with our dinner, and trips out to various locations nearby such as the beach and the garden centres. Residents are encouraged to take part, but it is always the resident’s choice to participate or not as we believe that having choice is very important to help our residents feel in control of their lives. There are activities on offer every day (and night for those night owls) in the form of word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts, needle crafts and board games to name a few. We have entertainment that is organised at least twice a month such as Music for Health, Zoolab or musicians, and also have a wonderful Yoga instructor who comes every other week. 

Activities are provided by everyone in our home from carers and specialised activities staff, right through to our admin team. If there is a task that needs doing and a resident would like to do it, such as sealing envelopes and putting stamps on or handing out popcorn for our Movie Mondays, they are very welcome to help out which enables us to give them a better feeling of purpose and self-worth. 

We are a registered member of the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), which means that we are always working to make the quality of life of all of our residents as high as possible by working with person-centred activities that aim to stimulate our residents, both mentally and physically.

Life at The Fernes Care Home

Parachute Fun

As always, the parachute game is a huge success. We love to throw the ball and the balloon on the parachute. It's also a great prop for some gentle arm exercises to keep us supple and ease the joints. 

Exercise Class

Activities Coordinator, Hayley, has started up a new exercise class for our residents. It's great fun and involves exercising with lots of props and music. We play balloon tennis and have lots of gentle movements in order for our bodies to keep limbered up and moving, which is a very important task as we get older. The music is always a big hit and we ended up singing aswell!

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Garden Visits

We are thrilled to welcome back all families and friends. Our tent was set up and we decorated the walkways with banners and bunting. We have missed you all so much and, no doubt, you have missed your loved ones. Its been emotional, but in a good way.

Garden Art

Whilst the sun was shining in our beautiful garden, we decided to make the most of it. We set up our easels and all our budding Picassos came out into the garden. It was a lovely experience, as some of us realised we can still draw and still do it very well!

We enjoy making the most of our garden and love to spend time together out there having a cold drink and maybe a glass of wine or two!

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Choir Club

Here at The Fernes, we love to sing, and one day, whilst sitting with one of our residents singing along to Songs of Praise, Rachel came up with an idea of starting a choir. 

We made some song sheets and downloaded the music, then gathered in the dining room, and were so surprised to see about twenty residents ready to participate.

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Our Divisional Winners

Congratulations to Emma Glanville, who has been named as a Divisional Winner in the 2020 Barchester Care Awards. Emma is a finalist in the Carer of the Year category and has been invited to attend a virtual awards ceremony on 8th October, where she will find out if she has won overall.

Also, congratulations to Rachael Anderson, who has been named as a Divisional Winner in the Activities Coordinator of the Year category.

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.