Meet our Activities Coordinator, Marrielle Alparaque

I enjoy doing the activities and getting to know the residents each day. I like to make sure that I make them happy throughout the days and to make them feel comfortable and enjoy the activities that we do with them.

I have volunteered in a few care homes since I was 15. I have always had a passion for taking care of elderly people ever since I was young.

Activities are an integral part of life at our care home. We want to ensure that the people we support have as much fun as possible during their time with us, so it’s important that our activities programme is created with the interests of residents in mind. Our skilled Activities Coordinators bring a certain uniqueness to the home that can’t be found anywhere else, and which is reflected in the activities they organise.

Life at Begbrook House Care Home

Knitt & Natter

Residents chose to knit rainbow squares for a community project. They have started off with a bright green and red, and they hope that, by the end of the week, we will have a full rainbow of coloured squares!


Valentine's Day

Here at Begbrook House, we have been celebrating all things love! All residents and staff received a paper basket of treats and a big red rose to brighten their day.

Residents enjoyed a whole range of activities, from listening to love songs to romantic movies. Residents are also enjoying the decorations around the home, and feel that it really brightens the place up!

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Jumper Making

These beautiful jumpers have been made by a very helpful resident from Begbrook House. They will be shipped to Kenya for young children. They are currently in the process of putting the second jumper together, and another hopefully to follow.

Christmas Spirit

During the Christmas period, to help keep the Christmas spirit up, the residents have joined up with some students from the University of West England to make some special Christmas cards. The students were on a Zoom call and had helped the residents step-by-step to make these creative Christmas cards.

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Baking Bread

On the 17th November, Begbrook House celebrated National Homemade Bread Day. While the residents were kneading to create the bread, they were also talking to one another and telling stories about when they used to make bread when they were younger. They all enjoyed it very much and they would like to make different types of bread in the future. 

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Bonfire Night

On this day it is a traditional to make your own Guy Fawkes using old clothes that are stuffed with old news papers and burn it or display it outside of your house. This has given residents such an enlightening experience, as it may have reminded them of the good ol' when they were young and more active.

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