Celebrating life at Barchester

Whilst the world outside is in uncertain times, safe inside our Barchester homes our residents are carrying on with

fun activities and we are joining forces with our local communities to share some cheer.

Take a look at what we've been up to...

Sherwood Lodge Care Home

Residents and colleagues at Sherwood Lodge were delighted to answer the door to accept a special delivery from their local food outlet, Zebra. The boxes were filled with fresh produce of fruit and vegetables for everyone to enjoy during this difficult period.

On behalf of Sherwood Lodge, residents and colleagues would like to pass on their gratitude for being considered at this time of uncertainty, and hope everyone stays safe and well.


Paternoster House Care Home

Residents and staff came together to create a lovely rainbow tree. We hung inspiring words and quotes to uplift each other and bring some sunshine to our home.

Henford House Care Home

Residents at Henford have been busy making rainbows in support of our NHS staff at this difficult time. They have been displayed in our window for all to see. We even received a lovely email from a neighbour along with a picture of her 3 year old with her rainbow. They had seen the pictures during their walk and wanted to share their own rainbow with the residents.

North Park Care Home

The care and attention given to my Mother whilst she has been looked after cannot be faulted. Management and staff have been exemplary and I would defy anyone to find fault with any aspect of the service. The Barchester Company should be congratulated and North Park given a special accolade!!

Woodside House Care Home

Here at Woodside, social distancing isn’t stopping us from working out!

Woodhorn Park Care Home

At Woodhorn Park, residents and colleagues were delighted to receive bags of treats from local Avon representative, Kasie, following a community appeal to recognise the hardworking staff at the home. 

The home feels so blessed to have such an amazing support network from our community, with the local church, interest groups and community all supporting us, and it is now that the support we have received has shined brighter than ever. The efforts and extra steps that people have gone to is extraordinary and we are forever grateful.

Everyone is now looking forward to a little pampering!

Woodhorn Park Care Home

To combat loneliness and isolation, colleagues of Woodhorn Park reached out to the community as part of their extended social network to seek pen-pals of all ages. We reached out to nurseries, schools and members of the community to remain connected during the current coronavirus crisis. 

Residents of the home were delighted to read their first delivery ny the pupils from Bishop’s Primary School, Thomas Bewick Campus and kind words from Lacey, daughter of the home's district nurse, Steph.

Residents were delighted to receive colourful pictures and letters delivered to the home. Thank you for adding a little colour and sunshine to our resident’s day and for your heartfelt messages.  

Our residents and staff wanted to do something to help feel connected to those outside that may be passing by, so we decided to go ahead and make a rainbow of hope to make people smile. We have been busy painting and cutting and sticking and have come up with some beautiful bright rainbows that have had the residents appreciating how pretty they are. Everyone is enjoying watching the families walking past, stopping to look up at the rainbow and giving us a wave.

Hempton Field Care Home

We had lovely letters sent to us from Mill Lane School, including a lovely poem.

Ashby House Care Home

We are still crafting here at Ashby House. Across the country many children have been colouring and painting rainbows to spread hope in response to the Coronavirus.

We thought that we would join in with this movement! For the past couple of weeks our residents have been painting rainbows to put around the care home so that the community passing can see as well as our fellow residents.

We have also have a few school children painting and writing letters to us to lift our spirits and inspire hope! Our residents have loved all of it and were so happy to read and see everyone’s creations.

We have created a ‘Smile Board’ to display all the wonderful things we have received!

Meadow Park Care Home

To combat loneliness and isolation colleagues of Meadow Park reached out to the community as part of their extended social network to seek pen-pals of all ages reaching out to nurseries, schools and members of the community to remain connected during this difficult time.

Residents were delighted to receive colourful pictures and letters delivered to the home. Thank you for adding a little colour and sunshine to our resident’s day and for your heartfelt message.  One resident said “It was very touching to receive such nice letters from the children”, whilst another said “The pictures are lovely, bless them all”.

It is amazing how a simple letter, short story, poem or even a photo or drawing can brighten up someone’s day. The residents of Meadow Park will then reply as part of our social activity sessions. We are happy to receive letters, photos, etc. via the post, sent to directly to the home or you can email us at meadowpark@barchester.com.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Hunters Care Home

I would like to thank everyone at Hunters - they are all doing an amazing job looking after our beloved family members and my family can’t thank them all enough for all their hard work, dedication, love and care - they are all very special people

Shelburne Lodge Care Home

Due to the current situation and not being able to have visitors here at Shelburne Lodge, residents have been able to keep in touch with their loved ones Over Skype and by writing letters. The residents also received some lovely cards from the children at the church of England Primary School, and have replied with homemade thank you cards. Residents are also involved in the local pen pal scheme, which is beneficial to local school children and themselves at this difficult time.

Harton Grange Care Home

This is not just a home to many wonderful people but an amazing community supported by committed and caring staff where ‘going the extra mile’ is the absolute norm. Outstanding - indeed it is! Congrats to everyone involved.

Tyspane Care Home

In recent months, Tyspane residents and children from Caen School have been taking part in an exciting initiative called the ‘Open Arms Dance and Music Project’ run by the Devon Dance Company. 

Weekly rehearsals have taken place, with residents singing and playing instruments, whilst the children interpret the music in dance. A special ‘Song for Spring’ has also been written by the residents and children. A finale performance was planned, with invitations going out to friends and families, but sadly this has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

To the delight of the residents, children from Caen School delivered letters, drawings, homemade quizzes, and artwork to cheer the residents and keep in touch, in the hope that the project will go-ahead in the future

We were delighted to accept the children’s art work. It has brought a great deal of pleasure to our residents, who are unable to go out or receive visitors. It has brought a touch of colour to their day and has made a big difference to their well-being.

Mount Vale Care Home

The children who usually visit from South Ottenington School have sent letters to our staff and residents to tell them they really being able to visit our home. We photocopied these letters and made a booklet, so all residents cot a copy to read, which they all loved. This has now become a regular thing!

Cherry Blossom Manor Care Home

Resident, Eileen, experienced her very first video call over Skype to her daughter. As you can see, this lifted her spirits in these difficult times!

Newington Court Care Home

We were delighted to receive some wonderful pictures, poems and letters from our local school and children in the community. There were smiles all round from both residents and staff.