Meet our Activities Coordinator, Paula Kennelly

Paula is responsible for providing activities for each resident's holistic well-being. Paula supports and encourages residents with social activities, mobility and independence. She works hard to ensure a varied activities program and is always smiling.

Activities at Oxford Beaumont

Our Activities Coordinators are committed to organising a mix of activities and events that cater to all tastes, which includes minibus outings to nearby places of interest and visits from animal trusts, local school choirs, musicians and entertainers. We also undertake one-to-one activities for residents who are unable to participate in group sessions, and encourage loved ones to join in whenever they can.

Life at Oxford Beaumont Care Community

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is something that often brings back a lot of memories. We celebrated it with a range of events and activities.

We hosted arts and craft and flower arranging sessions, reminiscence sessions, and created our display. We also watched a Harvest Festival service on the television.

Our favourite memory that came up during the week was that of one resident whose daughter was christened at the age of 4 during the time of Harvest Festival celebrations.

She took a liking to the display of apples and picked up a particularly juicy looking one. Unfortunately, it was at the bottom of the pile, which proceeded to roll across the church floor!

Our virtual church service was followed by a small harvest supper, which was something several residents remembered about Harvest, and everyone said how wonderful the display looked.

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Golden Moments

Every month, there are wonderful interactions between staff and residents, which go unacknowledged, so we have started an initiative to celebrate these special moments.

From care staff going out of their way to bring in someone's favourite film, or to sing their favourite song with them in the shower, to our latest winner, Sue, our receptionist.

Sue gave her prize from our MacMillan Coffee Morning to one of the residents here, as she knew she would love it. The moment when we showed the lovely lady the musical box of biscuits, showed her the detail on it and then watched her face as she clapped to the music was truly magical. Thank you Sue!

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Art in Care Homes Day

To celebrate Art in Care Home Day on 24th September, we had an autumnal art session. Residents were able to look at, hold and even smell some autumn leaves, seeds and other items, and then paint or draw them.

For some residents, we provided aqua painting as an alternative, so everyone who wanted to was able to produce something.

To aid with social distancing for the activity, we turned our dining room into an art studio for the afternoon and every resident was able to have a table to themselves. We enjoyed listening to music while we were painting and drawing, and some of the residents said they would definitely like to do something similar again.

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Ladies Who Lunch

Two of the ladies who live at Oxford Beaumont were so reluctant to let the summer go that they asked to have lunch outside on what was probably one of the last warm, sunny days of the year.

We laid the table just as we lay them in the dining room, and took everything out to them so they could enjoy their lunch in the sun. If we do it again this year, we think we will need some more blankets!

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Annual BBQ Party

It was not the summer we had hoped for but we didn’t want to let it end without a party! On Bank Holiday Monday we held our annual BBQ. Even though we couldn’t invite friends and family this year, we still made sure everyone had plenty of food, prizes and fun, and as the weather was kind to us we were able to eat, dance, sing, talk and play outside. Everyone enjoyed it and some people asked if we could do it every week!

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Karaoke Club

Our Karaoke Club was running with a range of songs, from wartime favourites to musicals. One particular favourite was 'A Spoonful of Sugar', but that could have been because of the activity team’s over-the-top miming!

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Don't Dine Alone

Don't Dine Alone

Enjoy some company and a delicious afternoon tea.