Cherie Moss

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Cherie Moss

Cherie is responsible for providing activities for each resident’s holistic well-being. Cherie supports and encourages residents with social activities, mobility and independence. She works hard to ensure a varied activities program and is always smiling.

Activities at Oxford Beaumont

Our Activities Coordinators are committed to organising a mix of activities and events that cater to all tastes, which includes minibus outings to nearby places of interest and visits from animal trusts, local school choirs, musicians and entertainers. We also undertake one-to-one activities for residents who are unable to participate in group sessions, and encourage loved ones to join in whenever they can.

Life at our home

Music Entertainment

We were very pleased to invite Lorraine Chapman, a local flautist to perform for us a collection of poetic, mellow and thoroughly enjoyable pieces of music to entertain our residents and the local community.

Lorraine is a familiar face to our home and a delight in so many ways. The hours entertainment including songs from around the world such as a well- known  song, ‘The Skye Boat Song’. This song was especially important to one of our Scottish residents who said it brought back great memories of her original region.

Lorraine then continued with familiar sing-a-long tunes such as ‘’When I’m sixty –four’’! Everyone joined in and a few joined the floor to dance.

We look forward to seeing Lorraine next year for another great performance.

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 Reminiscing of Times Past

On  the 1st of November we invited two local miniature model enthusiasts to our monthly coffee morning to show their various prides of joy to the community.

The display included among many, replica pieces of the famous St Giles Fairground with carousel, big wheel and war of death. There was a scaled down version of a carousel horse restored,  miniature steam engines and vintage pieces of transport.

Martin and David who are passionate about their past time explained to our lovely residents and the community about the history of their collection.

Everyone was astounded by the detail of each memorabilia and loved the fair ground music that accompanied the event.

One resident commented ‘’I  would love to just sit and watch the display all day’’

Another said ‘’It  brought back great memories of times past ‘’, I have really enjoyed the experience and hope we will be able to see the display again.

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Presentation Evening

On 30th of October Gemma Louise Doyle gave a performance for the Presentation evening at the Oxford Beaumont Community.

Singing a selection of her songs and amazing the audience with her beautiful voice and uplifting personality.

A cheque for the sum of £426.40 in total was given to the ‘Children’s Air Ambulance ‘ and ‘Eynsham Rotary Club’

raised from a B.B.Q in the grounds of the home held earlier in the year.

The local community was invited to join in the celebrations which included a Halloween theme and prizes for the most

imaginative and best dressed.

The evening was a great success with dancing though out the evening and refreshments including wine and cheeseboards for everyone to enjoy.

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Moving Music Concert

We had a wonderful time when we attended ‘Moving Music Concert’ at Radley College. The afternoon started by refreshments and then included Christopher Redgate, Celia Redgate, playing a variety of musical instruments to the audience.

We were asked to join in with a sing-a-long of well-known tunes such as ‘My favourite things’. The atmosphere was very relaxed with everyone enjoying themselves. We are looking forward to the next concert in January 2020.

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The Magic Table

The Magic Table

Here at the Oxford Beaumont, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of The Magic Table. This is a modern colourful light projection system, which responds to movement from the hands, arms and feet.

Barchester is always trying to improve each resident’s quality of life in a fun way, and many residents that are usually less social are making the most of this equipment and enjoying the interactive games.

One lady loves cleaning, so we give her a dustpan and brush, and she is very happy to sweep the leaves up. Another gentleman loves playing the football game with other residents and staff, which brings out his competitive side.

The popping of bubbles game is very popular with residents, families and staff alike. It encourages hand and eye coordination, and has improved residents' response times to the game in the short period we have had it.

There are so many benefits to this modern piece of technology, which has been designed especially to help residents living with dementia.

You can read more about it on this page.

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