Celebrating life at Barchester

Whilst the world outside is in uncertain times, safe inside our Barchester homes our residents are carrying on with

fun activities and we are joining forces with our local communities to share some cheer.

Take a look at what we've been up to...

Prestbury Beaumont Care Community

Residents of Prestbury Beaumont have reached out to the community as part of their extended social network to seek pen-pals of all ages to remain connected during the current coronavirus crisis. The home has been delighted with the responses, and have been busy replying!

Residents were overjoyed to receive colourful pictures and letters. Thank you for adding a little colour and sunshine to our residents' days, and for your heartfelt messages.  

Fairview House Care Home

The residents of Fairview have been very lucky to receive lots of lovely mail from children from around the community. The children have taken great care in drawing pictures and writing letters in order to bring some cheer to the residents, who have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the mail, and have spent time creating personalised thank you cards. Claudia, aged 5, brought a smile to all with her creative dinosaur drawings, which have been added to the home's display to showcase all the letters and pictures.

Fairview House Care Home

Residents of Fairview have embraced technologly to keep in touch with their family and friends. We host regular group activities, including arts and crafts, to create cards and art for their loved ones as a surprise. These fun-filled activities often see residents posing for pictures for the message board or simply to send to their loved one.

Residents also make use of Skype and Facetime so that they can video call their relatives – although some weren’t too sure about the new technology!

It is vitally important that we ensure that our residents can remain in contact with their family and friends all the time, as some live far away. New technology is great for this purpose, but of course, a good old fashioned letter is just as welcome!

Ashby House Care Home

Ashby House are brilliant and I know they are doing everything possible during this awful time.

Dudwell St Mary Care Home

Clapping for the wonderful team at Dudwell St Mary's in Burwash, for looking after my mum, thank you!

The Cedars Care Home

Cedars would like to give a massive thank you to the ladies in the local community for taking the time and effort to create the staff at Cedars beautiful tote bags and face masks. This enables us to put our uniforms into our colourful tote bags to transport home safely. These bags then go straight into the washing machine. The local ladies have said that it has been a team effort, with support from Blueberry London and Gemma Wilks, and our main team of fabulous sewers, Loewis, Vicky, 5 year old Millie ,and Becky Steel.

Chester Court Care Home

Residents and colleagues at Chester Court were delighted to answer the door to accept a special treat from their local Morrison’s stores. The bags were laden with refreshing treats, from flavoured teas, coffees, biscuits and more for everyone to take a few moments to enjoy a refreshing break. The gesture is in recognition of the homes hard working, dedicated team supporting residents during this difficult period.

On behalf of Chester Court,  residents and colleagues would like to pass on their gratitude for being considered at this time of uncertainty, and hope everyone stays safe and well. 

Magnolia Court Care Home

Magnolia would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their kind donations. Tesco for all the Easter eggs, Hendon Bread Factory for their kind weekly donations of beautiful bread and cakes; Corona Care Challenge for the huge donation they also gave us. Your support and recognition truly means so much to us all as we work together through this difficult time. Thanks again!

Our residents have been using Skype to keep in touch with love ones, and have been blown away by modern technology. But for those who cannot quite grasp Skype, we have gone back to the old fashioned way of writing letters! We let loved ones know that we were doing well and what we had been up to, and we have received some lovely feedback from families!

Sherwood Court Care Home

James Teasdale, Activities Coordinator at Sherwood Court, received a nomination for the BBC's 'Everyday Hero' award from a family member. This is what they said:

‘Please can I nominate James Teasdale as an unsung hero! James works as an Activities Coordinator at Sherwood Court in Fulwood Preston. He previously worked as a carer; he often works extra hours and covers additional shifts. When the lockdown occurred, he went out of his way to FaceTime and Skype for families.

He also covered additional shifts including, working in laundry. He has sent us pictures and videos of my mum; he organised a faith service for residents on Easter Sunday. It was Mum's birthday today, and he photocopied photos I sent and organised us to see videos. He works so hard! He shows such care and consideration, not thinking of himself but others.

On a daily basis he puts himself at risk to care for the elderly, frail and those in need. He and all the staff are exceptional in their care; please recognise their efforts!'

The team are immensely proud of this nomination and are working together to keep residents safe and well.

Archview Lodge Care Home

Big clap for Archview Lodge in Dalkeith for looking after my mum

Lochduhar Care Home

One of our residents Matilda, received special mail from her son Neil in the post this week. He had typed her a lovely letter telling his mum all about his holiday in Mexico.

Matilda was overwhelmed by this act of kindness, and wanted to reply to him straight away. Matilda wrote her son a letter back and made him an Easter card. This really brightened her day, during the isolation period. It is amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference!

Southerndown Care Home

Every morning we receive kind letters, pictures, postcards or presents from lots of wonderful people from our local community.

Residents really enjoy spending time in the mornings reading and replying to their “fan mail” it really is amazing to have so many people write to us and share with us what they have been doing and ways they have been keeping busy.

Also we would like to say a thank you to the children at Great Tew Primary School, who made us some amazing card and sent us lots of beautiful bunches of daffodils.

Southerndown Care Home

Residents and staff at Southerndown have been keeping busy with arts and crafts and making an everything will be fine rainbow. This was a fun activity- everybody helped weather it was cutting out the hearts or placing the rainbow on the window.

We are very pleased with the finished result, and it can be seen from the road and we are hoping that  it will make people smile as they drive by.

Derham House Care Home

To help with the residents being isolated from their loved ones, we have set up Skype and WhatsApp to keep in touch with them.

The residents were very confused about how it worked; some kept putting it to their ear like a telephone, but as they saw their loved ones appearing on the screen, the joy on their faces was priceless.

All in all, it has been a great success and a lot of very happy residents and loved ones who couldn’t thank us enough for our support and helping them with installing and setup.

Queens Court Care Home

Thank you for this update - it is certainly reassuring!  I am glad, too, that the folk at Queens Court in Wimbledon are taking such good care of their residents. With the best of wishes in these strenuous and taxing times

Fordmill Care Home

Residents at Fordmill recently enjoyed a virtual visit from Rapha the pet therapy dog, who treated them to a message of humour and positivity!

Supporting the residents at the home, Rapha owner sent a message saying, "sorry I can’t come and see you at the moment, but thought I’d send you a video to cheer you all up. Hopefully I can come and see you soon. Lots of love and woofs." 

The hospitality team at the home played the video to the residents and had lots of laughs in return!

Lanercost House Care Home

A big thank you for all of you from Mum & her family for all the fantastic work you do. We couldn't have asked for better care or for a better '2nd family'. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. I will be back to give you all a big hug as soon as I can. Stay safe & thank you for everything. Love to all xx