Meet the Rivermead Care Home team

Our wonderful team comprises nurses, carers, activities coordinators, chefs, housekeepers and more. These people are here to ensure that residents enjoy their time at the home and are supported to live life to the fullest. Meet some of our staff below:

Sarah Jackson

General Manager

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the General Manager here at Rivermead. Welcome to our website! 

Thank you for taking the time to look further into what Rivermead has to offer to you or your loved one.

Here is an opportunity to look at some of our staff team in the home, who all play a vital role in day-to-day life. I have worked for the health and social care sector for a number of years and I really enjoy working in a nursing home environment and supporting and developing the staff to provide excellent care for our residents.

The home's core values resonate with my own: of respect, integrity, responsibility, passion and empowerment. We strive for excellence by supporting the staff team to empower and enable our residents to live their best life possible whilst in a nurturing environment. Should you or a loved one be looking for at care options, please do get in touch!

Emilian Moraru

Deputy Home Manager

Hi, my name is Emilian and I am the Deputy Home Manager here at Rivermead and joined the home in 2021. I am dedicated and passionate about nursing I have been qualified as RGN in 2013 over in Romania and active on NMC register since 2015. One of the roles I am proud of in recent years is working within the Marie Curie as community  Nurse. Lately I have stepped into the management as well for a more dynamic role only because I love a challenge ! 

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Vixx Taylor

Unit Lead - Malton

Hi, my name is Vixx and I am Unit Lead in our Malton unit here at Riveremead.  I have worked in the home for over 10-years. I strive to improve the quality of life for our residents to make their day as full and comfortable as possible.  I am proud to pass on my skill and knowledge as we work as a team.  I am always here for relatives to help and support them through both difficult and good times in any way I can.

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Beth Clark

Activities Coordinator

We all know that keeping active is important. We have created a wonderful culture within the home and we work together to give residents the best possible experience. We are here to ensure that residents enjoy an environment that is both stimulating and socially active. We ensure the team knows each residents' preferences, so that we can deliver a person-centered program of events and activities. Essential to our homely feel is the strong relationships of trust we build with residents and their families and friends. The home also has its very own minibus for our numerous outings for coffee and shopping, which residents love.

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Emma Cottle


I joined Barchester in 2016 as an admin assistant and have recently transferred to Rivermead from Stamford Bridge to become the new administrator. I am now responsible for all the financial responsibilities in the home. along with all general administration. I take great pride in ensuring that, as much as possible, everything runs like clockwork. I am here to welcome you into the home and I am always happy to offer assistance and support.

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Sarah Russell

Administration Assistant

Sarah is Rivermead’s Admin Assistant, assisting the Administrator in the finance and the administration of the home. Sarah started working at Rivermead as a night Carer in March 2010, has enjoyed the role of 1-2-1 care assistant for a resident in 2015 before transferring to her current role in 2017 and since then she has become someone everyone knows and loves to speak to.

She is always happy and bubbly, you will always find her this way. She can multitask, answer the phone, count money, solve a staff members problem and have a full conversation with a resident all at the same time!!! Anyone who visits the home always gets a kind word.




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Sarah Lightfoot

Head Chef

Sarah along with her team is responsible for the catering service throughout the home. Sarah plans menus with input from residents and relatives to ensure balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day. Menus change four times a year to reflect seasonal produce and ensure variety. Sarah has worked in the catering industry for around 22 years in hotels, pubs, restaurants and care homes.

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Tina Ashley

Tina Ashley

Head of Maintenance

Hi, my name is Tina and I joined Barchester in 2013 as the home's part time housekeeper before progressing to Head of Housekeeping, before beginning Head of Maintenance in 2019. Maintenance is paramount when it comes to our residents, relatives and colleagues, and my role is to keep the home environment up to the highest standards possible, ultimately creating a safe and warm place for our residents to live and my colleagues to work.

I also manage and deal with contractors, keeping records up-to-date for our audits.  I take great pride in my work and strive to ensure that our residents have a lovely place to live and our staff have a pleasant environment to work in.

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Pam Rex

Care Practitioner

Hi, my name is Pam and I am a Care Practitioner here at Rivermead, the role enables me to support the nurses in the home. 

The role of the Care Practitioner has been introduced by Barchester Healthcare, in order to further develop talented care staff and enable them to give more support to the nurses working at the home.   The home is delighted that Pam has completed the course and is already making a difference to maintaining and developing its standard of care. 

I am a long standing member of the team having worked at the home for over 14 years and I love this role. 

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Lena Walker

Resident Ambassador

Lena has lived at Rivermead since 2013.  Lena enjoys her role of Resident Ambassador and is always willing to help out other residents with any issues that arise, while they live at the home. Lena welcomes any questions about the life at Rivermead, especially if you are considering care options yourself.

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Sam Richardson

Sam Richardson

Head of Housekeeping

Hi, my name is Sam and I am Head of Housekeeping here at Rivermead. Myself and my team of housekeepers and laundry staff strive to make the home look and feel as clean, tidy and presentable as possible to ensure that our residents are happy and comfortable at all times.  I enjoy my role and like spending my time here at Rivermead interacting and getting to know the residents in our care. It is a wonderful place to work.

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Graeme Bennison

2nd Chef, Senior Kitchen Assistant

Hello, my name is Graeme and I am the 2nd chef here at Rivermead. I have a number of years catering experience working in hotels, restaurants and care homes. I am pleased to be part of a team that is passionate about our Residents dining experience in providing tasty and nutritious meals with beautiful cakes and desserts, whilst also catering for special dietary requirements for our Residents.  I am very proud to be part of the Rivermead team.

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Food and nutrition

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