Activities at Rivermead Care Home

We all know that keeping active is important. We have created a wonderful culture within the home and we work together to give residents the best possible experience. We are here to ensure that residents enjoy an environment that is both stimulating and socially active. We ensure the team knows each residents' preferences, so that we can deliver a person-centered programme of events and activities. Essential to our homely feel is the strong relationships of trust we build with residents and their families and friends. The home also has its very own minibus for our numerous outings for coffee and shopping, which residents love.

Enriching life
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Rivermead Care Home


Trip to Castle Howard

As the weather had been getting nicer, we decided to have a spontaneous trip out in the minibus. The sun stayed shining on us but it was rather breezy; this did not stop us! We wrapped up warm and took a packed lunch with us. The residents loved the scenery as we drove the country lanes to castle Howard, sparking many conversations from the blossoming fields to their own memories of visiting castle Howard with their families.

We all enjoyed exploring the walled garden, seeing some of their new sculptures and lovely hot cup of tea in their café.


Animal therapy

Rivermead had a fluffy visitor to support dementia action week, Lilly the lamb.  Lilly got an amazing response from our residents including kisses and cuddles. Some of the residents had been farmers all their life and this visit was so special for them, reminiscing and sharing stories of their life on the farm.

The residents all had a smile on their face as Lilly was bleating up and down the corridors. There were many residents who had never stroked a lamb/sheep before so this was a completely new experience for them!

Celebrating Cadbury's

Residents across our services had a wonderful time joining Cadbury for an interactive virtual talk on their fascinating 200-year history.

Residents joining learnt interesting facts about the chocolate giant, shared memories, and reminisced about their favourite sweet treats.

It was a heartwarming experience filled with laughter, nostalgia, and plenty of chocolatey goodness!

New interactive Rainbow table

Rivermead has recently brought a new splash of colour to residents’ lives by installing a digital Rainbow Table which brings with it a whole new world of interactive possibilities.

The Rainbow Table is a versatile digital platform that uses all kinds of interactive games and apps to connect people with each other, their family members and friends, all while stimulating movement and cognitive activity. The Rainbow Table can be used individually or as a group, residents are invited to play all kinds of games, take part in activities and classes, quizzes, brain training and sensory apps, connect with others via Zoom, watch films and TV programmes, listen to music, the possibilities really are endless.  It is a great way to spark discussions, get everyone up and dancing, debating, reminiscing, the Rainbow Table is rapidly becoming everyone’s favourite piece of kit.

The new table is particularly effective for people who are living with dementia because it helps to spark conversation and reminiscence through the different colourful, eye-catching games and apps which encourage residents to play and interact with each other and with the home’s team members. Residents are starting to develop their own favourite games they love to play.

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Ladies Day

In celebration of Aintree Ladies Day, we gathered the residents together for a fun packed afternoon to watch the horse racing, wearing their fancy hats, and having a good tipple; from beer/lager to cocktails to cheer on the jockey’s. 

The residents absolutely loved this activity! We got the residents cheering on their favourite horses as they had picked from the fun sweepstake.


Pub lunch

he minibus has been in use during April as we ventured to the local pub for a lovely lunch. The residents enjoyed this outing so much; especially one in particular who is rarely sociable but she was overjoyed by the time we got there, commenting on the scenery as we drove in the bus, expressing how lovely the food was and engaging in conversation with all who were present.

Upcoming events


May is the gateway to summer and we have lots of fun filled activities planned - all welcome.


June paves the way to Summer and we have lots of exciting things planned - all welcome.

Could you be a Volunteer?

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We extend a warm invitation to community friends to join us at our popular Community Cafe - all welcome.

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