Activities at Plas-Y-Dderwen Care Home

At Plas-Y-Dderwen Care Home, our Lifestyle/Activities staff endeavour to provide a wide range of activities that suit all residents' physical and mental needs. There are regular minibus trips to nearby places of interest, including visits to local beaches and shows. We also have a film club, gentlemen's club, arts and crafts club, with musical entertainment once a week. Activities are very important to the staff of Plas-Y-Dderwen, making the home a fun and active place for all the residents who live here.

Enriching life
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Lisa Peart

Activities Coordinator

Hello, I am Lisa and I have recently joined the team at Plas y Dderwen. I have worked in the care sector since 2009 and I have a passion for working with people.
Although I am new to this role, I have always enjoyed being creative and bringing a smile and a sense of joy to others.
I am looking forward to developing an Activities programme that will bring enrichment to residents' lives through meaningful Activities.

Life-encriching activities booklet

Read our brochure 'Life-enriching activities' for more information about life in our care homes.
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Plas-Y-Dderwen Care Home

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Dementia Action Week

During this year's Dementia Action Week (13th - 19th May), our teams organized a variety of engaging activities tailored for our Memory Lane community.

The week started on Monday with the introduction of our new robotic cat and dog, which were well-received by the residents.

On Tuesday, we hosted a live virtual event where residents learned about the history of Cadbury UK chocolate. This event was complemented by memory boxes filled with Dairy Milk chocolate in various wrappers produced by Cadbury over their 200-year history.

Wednesday was a day of music and creativity. Residents made drums from old coffee containers and drummed along to familiar songs. Later in the day, Kris from People Speak Up led an interactive sing-along session. People speak up offers face-to-face workshops for individuals and families on a dementia journey, enhancing our week with their engaging activities.

On Thursday, Jennifer and Beth from Multiply conducted a workshop focused on math, where residents weighed ingredients and made delicious cheesecakes. Some of these treats were so tempting that they were enjoyed immediately rather than making it to the fridge!

Friday featured our monthly pudding club, a beloved event where residents shared their favourite pudding stories while indulging in a variety of delicious desserts.

Throughout the week, residents also benefited from relaxation sessions in our newly refurbished sensory room, adding a soothing touch to our eventful schedule.

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Trip to Bancyfelin Chapel

This month we were invited to Cana Chapel in Bancyfelin. The residents couldn’t wait to hop onto our minibus and get to the chapel and meet with familiar faces, as well as residents from another local care home. As we arrived at the chapel, we were greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces.

We all gathered in the chapel hall, where tables were set with delicious tea and an assortment of cakes. Beti Wyn welcomed us all with open arms and led us in a heart-warming sing-along to traditional Welsh hymns. Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, singing along and tapping their feet to the music. It was a wonderful to see our residents sharing in the joy of music and community.

After the singing we enjoyed tea and homemade cakes, which was obviously the best part of the afternoon!

The trip back home was filled with cheerful chatter and laughter, and everyone said how much they really enjoyed the afternoon.

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A Visit rom the Local Police

We recently had the pleasure of inviting two local PCSOs, Sylvia and Martin, to Plas y Dderwen to meet with our residents and talk about their job roles within the community and to discuss local matters. The visit was requested by our residents during our monthly residents meeting. It was a wonderful opportunity for our residents to engage with the local officers and learn more about their work. During the visit, one of our residents, June, who is 101 years old, had the experience of being held in handcuffs during the visit and everyone cheered for her release! The visit took place during our VE Day celebrations, and the officers gladly joined in with our afternoon tea. Overall, it was a fantastic and informative visit, and we are grateful to Sylvia and Martin for taking the time to connect with our home. It was a meaningful experience for everyone involved, and when asked how she felt about being held in handcuffs, June replied, “They were very uncomfortable and I don’t wish to experience it again!”.

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Pub Lunch at The Caraway in Carmarthen

We recently hopped onto our minibus and headed to the Caraway in Carmarthen for a wonderful afternoon of food, laughter and beer!

We all enjoyed lunch, and washed it down with a refreshing pint of lager. As we chatted and laughed over our meal, we all talked about our favourite foods and other meals we would like to try. Colin enjoyed telling us his jokes and making us all giggle until our jaws were aching and Mike sat back to enjoy his beer. It was a wonderful social event for our residents and we can’t wait to do it again soon! We love being part of the Carmarthen community and visiting local places.

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Pudding Club

This month, we held another pudding club event, which went down a storm. The residents helped to make Banoffee pie earlier that day and other team members prepared Cheesecakes and Bread and Butter Pudding! We invited friends and family of our residents to come and taste the puddings. The turnout was good, and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. The guests were impressed by the presentation and taste of the desserts. The event was a great opportunity for our residents to socialize with their loved ones. Brenda, one of our residents, said, "Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. You all worked so hard, and everyone enjoyed it." It was a wonderful afternoon for everyone involved, and we look forward to next month's pudding club.

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Fun-Filled Day Trip to Carmarthen for Tea and Scones

It was a beautiful day when our minibus pulled up outside the care home. The residents were excitedly shuffling out of the door, eagerly anticipating the trip to Carmarthen. Even though it was a bit grey and drizzly outside, we were all in high spirits and ready to have a good time.

Once we were all boarded onto the bus, there was a buzz of excitement as they settled into their seats. We were all chatting and laughing, looking forward to the day ahead. Our driver, Paul (Head of Maintenance) started the engine, and we were off!

When we arrived in Carmarthen, we were greeted by the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. The minibus dropped us off, and we all climbed out, eager to explore the town. We browsed around the shops, admiring the beautiful clothes and materials on offer.

After a while, we decided it was time for a break, and we headed to a café. We ordered tea and scones with jam and clotted cream, and they all sat around the table, chatting and laughing as we enjoyed our delicious treats.

It had been a fantastic trip, filled with laughter, good company, and delicious treats. The residents all felt grateful for the opportunity to get out of the home and be able to enjoy this moment with each other.