Alex Petersen

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Alex Petersen

I have been at Lucerne House since November 2011. I started in the kitchen before moving to the Activities Team. I have a background in music and theatre and was very happy to be able to share this with residents in the home. After a short while, I was promoted to Head of Activities, and earned my NAPA level 2 qualification in Activity Provision.

In the role of Head of Activities, I am focused on ensuring that residents can continue to enjoy existing hobbies and interests, but also pursue new avenues of stimulation and activity. I am always looking to bring new experiences and means of engagement to the home, be that through massage therapy, yoga, engaging with the local community or many other things. At Lucerne House, our person-centred approach allows us to make every resident feel valued and comfortable enough to express themselves however they see fit.

My goal is to ensure that every person living at Lucerne House feels confident enough to make independent decisions and that each of them have a robust choice of activities and interests to engage with. I am always open to suggestions, so if you do have any, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Activities at Lucerne House

At Lucerne House our person-centred activity programme has been tailored to suit the residents living in our home. It is constantly developing due to the direct feedback from our residents and enables them to take part in existing hobbies and new tasks that aim to stimulate creativity, intellect, physical ability and improve well being. With music groups, pub outings, cooking, gardening, one to one time, entertainers, quiz's, bingo and more, there is never a shortage of things to do.

We also have external providers who visit the home. We have Rachel Sherring who provides Yoga Sessions, Lorrain Christopher who is available every Wednesday and Thursday for hair appointments in our on site salon, Sharon Rees who visits on a Wednesday to provide massage therapy sessions in the comfort of your chair and regular Church Services which do include a monthly Holy Communion. We are always open to new suggestions, so if you do have any, our activities team will always be happy to listen.

Life at Lucerne House Care Centre

Reuniting Loved Ones

We have been delighted to support our residents reunite with loved ones in our garden space over the last few months.

The global pandemic has had such an impact on all of our lives, but these visits have been a real boost to morale and brought such joy to residents, relatives and staff.

One of our residents has really been missing family, who sadly aren’t able to make regular visits. Seeing this, Jan Taylor, one of our Activities Coordinators, and her niece, Jasmine, who took part in a work placement at Lucerne House a few years ago, came and made a special visit to the resident, who was overjoyed.

Jasmine had been helping with the activities in our home and had spent lots of time supporting with one-to-one activities. During the visi, they were able to reminisce about times gone by and had lots of tears of joy and laughter. We hope to continue our garden visits in the coming weeks and months.

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Ladies Club

We are delighted to announce a new group at Lucerne House. Lucerne Ladies Club is an activity where our female residents can come and take part in different events that they have fed back to us that they would enjoy.

Each week looks to take on a new theme, with high tea, mocktail creating, crafts, knit and natter and many more all planned for the coming weeks.

The Ladies club will run each wee,  as will the Gentlemen’s Club, which has already proved to be a big success. We look forward to sharing some of our events with you in the coming weeks and months.

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Brightening Up Our Day

A recent activity that has a great means of sensory stimulation, social inclusion and raising the well-being and spirits of the home was flower arranging in our Memory Lane community.

The vases have been dotted in areas around the dining and living area to be enjoyed by all those within the community. Gemma Benson, Administration Assistant, has even placed one on her desk. We look forward to enjoying more events like these in the coming weeks.

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Sensory Arts & Crafts

We have really enjoyed our sensory arts & crafts session on our Memory Lane community at Lucerne House. Residents were using the aqua painting kits to enable some wonderful experiences with colour and creativity, as well as creating their own artistic pieces.

With the aqua kits, you apply water to the page and the colour begins to appear. It not only stimulates the senses visually, but is a great means of problem solving, as you begin to see the picture take shape you can test yourself on what it is before it is completed. It was also a brilliant way to stimulate conversation, as one of our residents began to reminisce about her time on a farm, as she completed a picture of a horse.

We look forward to more sensory arts and crafts in the coming weeks.

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100th Birthday Celebrations

Maisie celebrated her 100th birthday here at Lucerne House. It was extra special, as family were able visit Maisie in our garden space and we were also able to connect with Maisie’s daughter, who lives far away, using our tablet to Skype her.

All of the staff at Lucerne House sang 'Happy Birthday' and have said how wonderful it was to be a part of this very special day. Connecting families and sharing these wonderful moments is so important to us at Lucerne House, and our garden visits have been a great way of keeping in touch with families, friends and loved ones.

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Filming at Lucerne

We have been having great fun at Lucerne House creating a music video. Staff and residents all got involved, showing off the best moves and having a lot of laughs too. John Bayliss, Senior General Manager, lead the way with his amazing impression of Hugh Grants's 'Love Actually' dance.

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Memory Cafés

Memory Cafés

Come along to our friendly and informal group and enjoy a chat over a hot drink and snack.

Don't Dine Alone

Don't Dine Alone

Enjoy some company and a delicious lunch!