Alex Petersen

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Alex Petersen

I have been at Lucerne House since November 2011. I started in the kitchen before moving to the Activities Team. I have a background in music and theatre and was very happy to be able to share this with residents in the home. After a short while, I was promoted to being the Head of Activities, and have recently become NAPA level 2 qualified in Activity Provision.

In the role of Head of Activities, I am focused on ensuring that residents can continue to enjoy existing hobbies and interests, but also pursue new avenues of stimulation and activity. I am always looking to bring new experiences and means of engagement to the home, be that through massage therapy, yoga, engaging with the local community or many other things. At Lucerne House, our person-centred approach allows us to make every resident feel valued and comfortable enough to express themselves however they see fit.

My goal is to ensure that every person living at Lucerne House feels confident enough to make independent decisions and that each of them have a robust choice of activities and interests to engage with. I am always open to suggestions, so if you do have any, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Activities at Lucerne House

At Lucerne House our person-centred activity programme has been tailored to suit the residents living in our home. It is constantly developing due to the direct feedback from our residents and enables them to take part in existing hobbies and new tasks that aim to stimulate creativity, intellect, physical ability and improve well being. With music groups, pub outings, cooking, gardening, one to one time, entertainers, quiz's, bingo and more, there is never a shortage of things to do.

We also have external providers who visit the home. We have Rachel Sherring who provides Yoga Sessions, Lorrain Christopher who is available every Wednesday and Thursday for hair appointments in our on site salon, Sharon Rees who visits on a Wednesday to provide massage therapy sessions in the comfort of your chair and regular Church Services which do include a monthly Holy Communion. We are always open to new suggestions so if you do have any please see Alex Petersen (Head of Activities), Jan Taylor or Scott Foot (Activity Coordinator's) who will be happy to listen.

Life at our home

Halloween at Lucerne

We have been hollowing out and carving our pumpkins, dressing up and enjoying plenty of sweet treats and ghostly music. One of our residents said it was a 'spook-tacular' day.

'Outstanding' Again!

Lucerne House passed a recent Care Quality Commission inspection with an overall “Outstanding” rating for the second time after being praised for a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led service.

Currently only 4.1% of England’s care homes, domiciliary care agencies and hospitals have an overall “Outstanding” rating, making Lucerne House ranked among the best in the country for the quality of the services it provides.

The CQC inspected the home on 17th and 18th of September (the report was released on 30th October) and rated the home, run by Barchester Healthcare, as “Outstanding” in four key assessment areas and “good” in one key assessment area.

The report stated that: “People received an outstanding, personalised, caring service. People told us they received very kind and respectful support from staff who promoted their abilities, knew them well and genuinely enjoyed their company. The whole staff group worked as a team to support people in a person-centred way”.

In celebration of the rating, which is the 7th “Outstanding” (or equivalent) rating for the company overall, CEO of Barchester Healthcare Dr Pete Calveley visited the home to thank each member of the team personally, and presented each one with a £500 gift voucher in appreciation of their hard work and contribution to the fantastic result for the home.

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Community Pumpkin Carving

We had a great time when we got together with our local Sunday school to put a different spin on pumpkin carving. The designs we created were less to do with traditional pumpkin carving and more about expressing ourselves, being creative and having fun. There were some fantastic designs with funny faces, moons and stars and even some designs that were reflective of the school's values. Thank you to everyone who attended

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Massage Therapy

Each day there are various activities, which engage the residents at Lucerne House. Every Wednesday our residents are able to relax and unwind with massage therapy.

Sharon Rees has been joining us on a weekly basis and provides a fantastic service with many different types of massage available all of which can be enjoyed in the comfort of our communal lounges or in our residents' individual room.  

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Lucerne House Hairdresser

Lucerne House Hairdresser

At Lucerne House we have many wonderful activities to enrich the lives of our residents. One very popular service available is our wonderful hairdressing. Lorraine Christopher has been coming to Lucerne House since it was built 23 years ago and has been providing a top notch service to all who wish to see her.

Lorraine has recently set up in our new hairdressing salon and will continue to join us each Wednesday & Thursday.

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Sunday School Fun Sunday School Fun

Sunday School Fun

We were delighted to welcome back our friends from our local Sunday school this past week. They joined our residents in our brand new dining area to decorate cakes and cookies.

Everyone had a chance to show off their creative flair and there were lots of fantastic designs on show. After the decorations we all congregated in our garden to enjoy the fruits of our labour and have a sing-along at the sunshine.

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Upcoming events

Events & Activities in November

There are plenty of fun activities planned throughout November here at Lucerne House. 

Memory Cafés

Memory Cafés

Come along to our friendly and informal group and enjoy a chat over a hot drink and snack.

Don't Dine Alone

Don't Dine Alone

Enjoy some company and a delicious lunch!

M.S. Coffee Mornings

M.S. Coffee Mornings

Come along to our resident-run coffee mornings and meet like-minded people.