Meet our Activities Coordinator, Alex Petersen

I have been at Lucerne House since November 2011. I started in the kitchen before moving to the Activities Team. I have a background in music and theatre and was very happy to be able to share this with residents in the home. After a short while, I was promoted to Head of Activities, and earned my NAPA level 2 qualification in Activity Provision.

In the role of Head of Activities, I am focused on ensuring that residents can continue to enjoy existing hobbies and interests, but also pursue new avenues of stimulation and activity. I am always looking to bring new experiences and means of engagement to the home, be that through massage therapy, yoga, engaging with the local community or many other things. At Lucerne House, our person-centred approach allows us to make every resident feel valued and comfortable enough to express themselves however they see fit.

My goal is to ensure that every person living at Lucerne House feels confident enough to make independent decisions and that each of them have a robust choice of activities and interests to engage with. I am always open to suggestions, so if you do have any, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Activities at Lucerne House

At Lucerne House our person-centred activity programme has been tailored to suit the residents living in our home. It is constantly developing due to the direct feedback from our residents and enables them to take part in existing hobbies and new tasks that aim to stimulate creativity, intellect, physical ability and improve well being. With music groups, pub outings, cooking, gardening, one to one time, entertainers, quiz's, bingo and more, there is never a shortage of things to do.

We also have external providers who visit the home. We have Rachel Sherring who provides Yoga Sessions, Lorrain Christopher who is available every Wednesday and Thursday for hair appointments in our on site salon, Sharon Rees who visits on a Wednesday to provide massage therapy sessions in the comfort of your chair and regular Church Services which do include a monthly Holy Communion. We are always open to new suggestions, so if you do have any, our activities team will always be happy to listen.

Life at Lucerne House Care Home

Scrabble Club

Our recent Scrabble morning at Lucerne was great fun, with our residents and staff challenging themselves with some very impressive words. One of our residents certainly hit the ground running with the word 'Bizarre', which scored a whopping 90 points. We were all playing catch up after that.

Our Scrabble group runs each week and our residents are already anticipating the next game.

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Start Your Engines

Residents and staff got together to play Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch. It was great fun, using the motion controls and steering wheels to navigate the various courses. It also proved to be a great way to improve coordination, physical and mental well-being.

Brenda Hurford, Resident Ambassador, said she was surprised how much fun she had playing the game. There was lots of laughter and a little healthy competition too.

We look forward to getting together again to see who the winner will be next time.

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Woodwork at Lucerne House

With spring here and summer fast approaching, we have been making bird houses at Lucerne House. These have been made to encourage the birds in the village to join us in our sensory gardens. Our residents have been sanding the wood, painting the houses and piecing them together, with some really bright, creative and unique designs. We can’t wait to varnish them and hang them outside.

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Sea Life Presentation

As part of Barchester’s life enrichment programme, staff and residents at Lucerne House enjoyed an exciting virtual presentation, provided by London Sea Life Aquarium.

Everyone at the home had the opportunity to learn more about the Aquarium, which is a home to more than 300 species and 4,000.

The Aquarium is located on the ground floor of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames in Central London, near the London Eye. It opened in March 1997 as the London Aquarium and hosts about one million visitors each year.

Our varied life enrichment programme keeps the residents active, and provides a daily choice of engaging physical, mental and spiritual activities tailored to the residents’ interests and abilities.

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Easter Donation

We feel very privileged to have such a wonderful and supportive community at Lucerne House. Over the years, they have been supporting many of our events and run a toddler group in the home that our residents have really enjoyed.

We wanted to give something back and are delighted to donate Easter eggs for St Michael's Church's Easter Trail on Easter Sunday in Alphington Village.

Children and grownups will take part in a trail in the church yard using QR codes to learn more about Easter. They will have the opportunity to win one of the eggs we have donated before enjoying an Easter celebration run by Reverend Michael Partridge.

We hope everyone has a great day and are look forward to connecting with them again when possible.

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The Magic Table

We are very privileged to have received our new Magic Table at Lucerne House this month. Residents and staff have been getting to grips with this amazing piece of technology that stimulates the senses, promotes well-being and is a great means of engagement and activity.

Residents have said how wonderful and vibrant it is as well as being easy to use. They have been playing air hockey, engaging with a pond full of fish, painting scenes and collecting leaves that are all beamed from the clever projector.

We are looking forward to many more Magic Table sessions in the coming weeks and months and, when things open up, we can’t wait for you to have a go at using the Magic Table too.

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