Jamie Hodgson

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Jamie Hodgson

Hi I’m Jamie, the Activities Coordinator here at Laurel Bank. I’ve only been here since January but I absolutely love my role and especially the challenge of coming up with new ways to engage as many residents as possible in our activities here.

Activities at Laurel Bank

Activities are a fundamental part of a rich and varied lifestyle here at Laurel Bank Care Home, which is why we organise both physically and mentally stimulating social events for those we support. The weekly itinerary is ever-changing, and regularly includes art lessons, chair-based exercise, trips and visits from a variety of different animals, as well as one-to-one time for residents who prefer the peace and quiet. Our team actively tries to incorporate the hobbies and interests that are meaningful to residents into the activities schedule as encouragement to continue with much-loved pastimes.

Life at our home

Lifelong Lancaster City FC fan returns to Giant Axe


Resident and lifelong Dolly Blues fan, Joseph thoroughly enjoyed returning to the football stadium Giant Axe at the weekend to watch Lancaster City's FA Trophy match.  A lifelong supporter of Lancaster City FC, Joseph has attended many matches over the years including both home and away games. He has fond memories of The Dolly Blue Pub, and used to be a well known friendly face in and around the ground.

However, he has been unable to attend games for the last few years...until now!

With the help of staff from Laurel Bank care home, Joseph attended the FA Trophy replay on Saturday against Stourbridge.

Joseph thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, despite the cold, although was a little bit disappointed with the result – Stourbridge won 2-1.

Joseph said "It was a bit of a shame, the lads didn't really grow into the game," he said. "They had a great chance to equalise at the end, but it just wasn't their day."Still though, it's been very nice to be back at the club, and to see that some of the old faces are still here too."

Staff at the home were delighted to be a part of making Joseph's dream come true, as they knew how much it meant to him, and they all wanted to be there to see the smile on Joseph's face.

The home would like to thank club secretary Graham Dockerty in particular for his warm welcome and his help in organising the day out, and also the rest of the staff at the club as a whole for being so hospitable.

Lyndsay Scott, General Manager at the home, said: "We want everyone we care for to know how important they are to us here at Laurel Bank. It was so nice to see how happy Joseph was – and the staff loved being a part of this as well."

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Our Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Party

Staff and residents had a Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Party. Local children were welcomed into the care home as Trick or Treaters in the evening. The children visited resident's rooms in search of sweet treats.  Residents thoroughly enjoyed see the little monsters and ghouls in and around the home. The kitchen provided some delicious homemade cakes and biscuits, whilst residents carved pumpkins with the activities team.

One resident said “It was lovely having the children knock on my door, Halloween used to be a scary time of year when I was at home, but I feel completely safe here at Laurel Bank.”

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Laurel Bank  care home by Barchester. Cheese and wine evening Lancaster Laurel Bank Care Home, Barchester Lancaster

"Cheese and Wine Evening, a Brie-g Hit!"

“Cheese and Wine Evening a Brie-g Hit!”

 “Lyndsay Scott, General Manager and Jamie Hodgson, Activities coordinator, hosted a naming ceremony recently for our brand new (robo)  resident Cat, which was the perfect excuse for a cheese and wine evening!

Residents got to taste a selection of seven luxurious cheeses including some of Lancashire's finest, and what better way to wash it down than with a glass of wine or two!

And.... I hear you ask, What is the cats name?  We can now reveal that it is - Toffee Apple! This may have had something to do with the Toffee Apple Cheddar that everybody enjoyed so much!”

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Red Cat Folk Collective at Barchester

Our Very Own Music Festival featuring The Red Cat Folk Collective

"Red Cat Folk Collective" Entertains during our very own Music Festival

Residents at the home had a lovely afternoon when a 7 piece folk band "Red Cat Folk Collective"came to play as part of the Laurel Bank care home's Music Festival. The show was interactive, with residents helping the talented musicians out on percussion.  Residents joined in with the harmonies by whistling & some even contributed bird noises!

The group was accompanied by their lovely mascot dog Flick, much to our delight! The music was inspiring, peaceful and calming featuring lots of countryside sounds and it was all the more enjoyable that everybody was able to join in with the Folk group!


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St John's Hospice Awards, Lancashire

Home recognised for End of Life care.

Laurel Bank has recently been recognised for its achievements in providing end of life care to its residents by St John's Hospice.

The Prestigious awards are organised by St John's Hospice.  The awards aim to promote and recognise very high standards in quality of care and life experience for individuals and their carers. 

Lyndsay Scott, General Manager said "This award celebrates individuals and teams who have demonstrated outstanding excellence in their work and Laurel Bank could not be more dedicated to top quality care.  I am immensley proud of the team for completing this"

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Residents Welcome Purr-fect Friend to the Home Residents Welcome Purr-fect Friend to the Home

Residents Welcome Purr-fect Friend to the Home

Staff and residents at Barchester’s Laurel Bank care home in Lancaster met their purr-fect new friend last week when ‘Toffee Apple’ the robotic cat arrived.

Robotic cats and dogs are the latest advancement in pet therapy and have been proven to combat loneliness and relieve stress and tension. They work particularly well with elderly people who can no longer keep real animals because robotic animals don’t need feeding or cleaning up after!

Toffee Apple was donated to Laurel Bank by Lancashire County Council’s 50+ Assembly, who have raised £1800 to purchase 10 cats and 10 dogs, and she is very lifelike- she purrs when you stroke her, meows when you stop and even rolls on to her belly for a tummy tickle!

Activity Coordinator, Jamie Hodgson said: “Our residents absolutely love Toffee Apple already- she has a very calming effect, and is great for those who don’t like to get involved in our activities as much because she is always there. Her purr is particularly soothing!”

A resident at Laurel Bank said: “I love her! She’s so soft and cute, you really do forgot that she’s not a real cat- I find myself chatting away to her, just like I used to with my old cats! Even the staff have taken to her, stroking her whenever they pass!”

Not only has Toffee Apple had a soothing effect on residents at the home, she’s also got everybody talking as well. The residents are always excited to see her in the morning and ask after her if she’s visiting somebody else. We hosted a Cheese & Wine Evening that included a naming ceremony, and it was great to see everybody come together and reminisce about their previous pets. Toffee Apple certainly has gone down a treat!

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