Jane Procter

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Jane Procter

I am hugely enjoying my role as an Activities Co-ordinator at Hilderstone Hall helping residents to celebrate their lives to the full. My work supporting others daily, planning activities and engaging with residents is possible following a career in teaching and production roles.

My career began at the BBC in production.  (My claim to “fame” is getting lost in Television Centre with Sir John Gielgud whom I was trying to show to a meeting - but I was unable to find the correct room!)   

Following this I had a long career in teaching, working in a number of secondary schools and eventually becoming a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator leading a department supporting students with additional needs.

Outside of work I enjoy walking my two dogs.  I am a member of a number of amateur drama groups and enjoy going to the cinema, theatre and music gigs.  I am also a very keen cook and baker, and enjoy eating out, as well as loving reading and puzzles – particularly a good cryptic crossword

Activities at Hilderstone Hall

Our activities team are, first and foremost, devoted to each and every resident in the home, and strive to ensure that their interests, hobbies, capabilities and individual requests are met to the highest standard. This could include one-to-one chats, hand massages, reading, music therapy, flower arranging, movement to music, arts & crafts, gardening and baking. We also have regular fun, adventurous and stimulating trips, where we encourage families and loved ones to join us. We have close links with the Alzheimer's Society, the local primary school, and Trinity Skills who come to sing with residents. All the staff at Hilderstone Hall participate in activities with residents, offering encouragement, stimulation and interaction for everyone involved, providing the most fulfilling experience possible.

Life at Hilderstone Hall Care Home

Daily exercises for all

The daily exercise session continues to be a firm favourite with residents.

All of the chair exercises are followed whilst sitting down and are designed so that everyone can take part.  There are exercises both for stretching muscles and for gentle aerobic activity to promote fitness and general wellbeing.  A number of “routines” have been devised to favourite songs and a particular favourite is “Zorba the Greek” where residents try to pick up the pace to match the tempo of the music!

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Our Autumn Art Gallery

Resident Mary leads the way for us all into Autumn with an Art Gallery and Poetry display

The leaves descend like rain;

Painting a picture of a red and gold bonfire.

The fallen leaves collect like multi-coloured raindrops on the ground.

Cross children kick the leaves in the park,

Taking out their temper.

A beautiful russet and gold coloured forest.

Timid deer dart around fearful of humans.

Hedgehogs roll into a prickly little ball –

A spiky menace to defend against foes.

A sly fox camouflaged by his coat, creeps up on his prey.

Short misty days; longer dark nights.

This is Autumn.

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Hilderstone hall gives food bank collection @stokeontrentfoodbank

Harvest Giving

Residents, and staff members at Hilderstone Hall celebrated the Harvest Festival by delivering their food bank collection box to the Charity, Trussell Trust.

The Harvest Festival is a celebration of food grown on land and, traditionally, a time for families and communities to get together and bring food to the less fortunate. It dates back to the fifth century, where it was common for the harvest season to be celebrated with a huge feast – and from then the tradition grew and evolved.

Liz Walsh, General Manager said: “Staff, residents, and friends from the local community of the home all donated very generously to the harvest hamper, which was sent to the Trussell Trust in Stoke on Trent and it really is heart-warming to see how much people care about helping others who are less fortunate. Thank you to everyone who contributed."

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Birthday Surprise

The Activities team always try to make sure that the birthday gift given to residents from the Home is as personal as it can be.  During a conversation with one of the team about books, Hilary mentioned that she loves detective stories and, in particular, the novels of Ngaio Marsh and her gentleman detective character, Inspector Alleyn.  Hilary had been an avid reader of these books some years ago and no longer has any of her own copies, but she said she would love to read them again.  The books are now out of print, but the team found some of Marsh’s novels on-line and bought three as a birthday present for Hilary, along with a lovely bunch of flowers.  Hilary was both surprised and overjoyed and is starting on the first one straight away!

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The Spiritual gift of Faith

Residents with a faith have the opportunity to come together for a session of prayer, hymns, readings and contemplation. 

The local vicar, who normally visits the home on a regular basis, has been emailing in suggestions for short prayer meetings to allow residents a means to continue to express their faith in her absence.  These get-togethers, hosted by the Activities team, have proved popular with residents who take time to discuss their faith, say prayers and listen to bible readings and hymns during the fortnightly meetings. 

At the most recent session, residents talked about charity and listened to the story of “The Rich Young Man” from the Gospel of St Mark. The session ended with the rousing hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers

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Literary engagement

Residents enjoyed a day of activities themed around the author Roald Dahl.  During the morning, residents reminisced about some of his famous books – fondly remembering reading them to children and grand-children –  such as “The Twits” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, whilst enjoying a selection of chocolates.  The conversation then turned to the television program “Tales of the Unexpected” and the iconic opening title sequence.  This was followed by a reading of his most famous short story – “Lamb to the Slaughter”.


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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.