Activities at our home

We understand that the people we support have passions and interests that could be difficult to pursue after moving into a care home – but that doesn’t mean we don’t encourage them to try! Some hobbies can define a person, so our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring that everyone we support is able to do what makes them happy to the best of their abilities. Social events are organised with individual tastes in mind and with the idea that residents have the opportunity to try new and exciting things.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Hawthorns Care Home

Learner of the Year

Trevor Davis has beaten all the competition to be crowned National Learner of the Year in the Barchester Care Awards 2021.

The Barchester Care Awards celebrate the staff who go the extra mile for the benefit of the 12,000 residents living in Barchester’s 248 care homes and private hospitals across the country. Categories range from ‘Registered Nurse of the Year’ and ‘Carer of the Year’ to ‘Dementia Care Champion’ and ‘Activities Coordinator of the Year’.

More than 2,900 nominations were received from homes and hospitals across the UK. All entries were a very high standard and Trevor is over the moon to have been named the national winner in this category.

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We Are Divisional Winners!

We are excited to announce that we have been named as Divisional Winners in the 2020 Barchester Care Awards in the Garden of the Year category. We have been invited to attend a virtual awards ceremony on 8th October, where we will find out if we have won overall.

VE Day Celebrations

VE Day was a great chance for all staff and residents to get together to celebrate this remarkable occasion, we had singing, dancing, reminiscing and everybody was very upbeat making our ‘We’ll Meet Again’ video.


Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower show at Hawthorns was a great activity and all residents really enjoyed making flower displays, and naming all the flowers in a quiz we set.

Displayed by our lovely Manger Denise Findley, our balloon arch which took the puff out of us but have to say it looks amazing and very eye catching.

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Balloon Ping Pong

Here at Hawthorns we are doing our best to keep upbeat and enjoying every opportunity to celebrate important events. Balloon ping pong is one of our favourite games, its funny, makes us laugh and keeps us fit at the same time.


Tea Party

Residents and staff at Hawthorns celebrated National Tea Day with a traditional tea party.