Activities at Field House

The Activities Coordinators here at Field House are always keen to learn about residents' interests and hobbies, tailoring meaningful activities to the likes and dislikes of those we support. Our mission is to ignite the past, appeal to current interests and embrace new ones, improving quality of life whilst stimulating the mind and senses. Activities are carried out via small groups or individually, supported by local volunteers. We have access to a range of local community facilities and nearby places of interest, prompting community engagement, and hold special events at the home, where we are entertained by guest vocalists and performers, with 'The Quiz Master' being a fan favourite.

Life at Field House Care Home

Read Aloud

For World Read Aloud Day this year, the residents participated in a Facebook Live Event, where they read children’s stories to young children at home. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the residents that participated, and the feedback from people who watched was very positive. It has even motivated one of our residents to want to do a weekly storytime session online, so watch this space!

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Eyes Down

For some time now, we have been trying out different methods of playing bingo in order to be fully inclusive. Some of our residents, as with many more mature adults, have trouble with their hearing, and as much as they love to play Bingo, it is often very difficult for them.

Recently, we tried a new method: the numbers were called out as usual, but simultaneously written on a white board in their corresponding rows. The outcome was brilliant, all residents that wanted to join in were able to, and not a single person missed a number. A job well done!

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Weekly Exercise

At our activities meeting, the residents at Field House had talked about how much they were enjoying the weekly exercise classes. As the conversation developed, it became clear that a large number of the residents would like to see some kind of exercise feature on the activity calendar more frequently.

So, along came January and, with it, it brought exercise classes three times a week! These classes vary in style and content, but this particular class is a firm favourite, gentle chair-based exercise. As of the 29th January, we have gone from one set of exercises to three repetitions of the set per class. Not a bad improvement in the space of a month!

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The Wishing Tree

The wishing tree was a huge success, and although not every wish could come directly true, we tried our very best to get as close as we could, to as many as we could.

We had wishes that involved meeting Andre Rieu, that were met in the best way we could: with a signed photograph of him, kindly sent to us by his team in Maastricht, Netherlands.

We had wishes to travel on a hot air balloon, that were met through the wonders of a virtual reality device.

There was a wish in one bauble to revisit the Dolomite mountains, where the person had wonderful memories of watching the sunset there with her husband. We couldn’t take her to the Dolomites, but we did buy her a canvas of the sun setting over the Dolomites for Christmas, in the hopes that it would bring back some wonderful memories. 

The joy this project brought to the residents and the home was felt at every level, and something we will most definitely be doing again.

Roger's wish was to have a cat, and you can see him with his new therapy cat above.

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Wishing Tree

This is Fred; he is placing his Christmas wish bauble on our Christmas wishing tree. Let’s see how many come true!

Christmas Baking

This picture is of some of our residents preparing to make our Christmas cake for the Barchester Christmas Cake competition. Everyone took it very seriously and they were determined that they were going to win.