Nikki Harris

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Nikki Harris

Nikki is our Activities Coordinator here at Epsom Beaumont. She is responsible for organising and delivering social activities in the home, which can range from baking cupcakes to running crossword competitions.

Nikki enjoys creating activities programmes that are both mentally physically stimulating for residents. She encourages residents to have an active social life by arranging book clubs, arranging minibus trips and other fun activities. She also takes time to understand residents' needs, likes and dislikes.

Activities at Epsom Beaumont

At Epsom Beaumont, the daily activities always aim to be enjoyable for all. Our Activities Coordinator is constantly working to mentally and physically stimulate each resident and ensuring that our programme is define moulded to the wants and needs of those we support. We host weekly outings to many local coffee shops, and also some bigger trips to Brighton and the Brooklands Museum. Our outings tend to be a new and exciting experience for residents, but are sometimes repeated for those who could not make the trip the first time. The activity schedule changes weekly, but there are some regularities, such as our crossword and bar nights, where families are invited to join their loved ones for a social evening. Activities are one of the most important aspects of a care home and we are proud to say we have a dedicated Activities Coordinator who is supported by all of the care team to really make it successful. We have received excellent feedback from residents and relatives, which only makes our bond with them stronger.

Life at Epsom Beaumont Care Home

Our very own 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' day.

Staff at EpsomBeaumont, part of Barchester Healthcare in Surrey were treated to a chef creation of our own chocolate Factory. The team enjoyed their sweet treats and some were lucky to even find their own Golden tickets just like in the film Charlie and Chocolate Factory. #proudtobebarchester #barchestertogether #oneteam

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Supporting People in Crisis

A new initiative sees residents at Epsom Beaumont help to prepare food hampers and request families to donate food items to help stop hunger in the local community.    

Epsom Beaumont has launched a new initiative to help support people in crisis by donating and supporting the Epsom and Ewell St Helens foodbank. 

The residents decorated their own food boxes that they filled with a variety of different food items that were donated by families and the catering team at Epsom Beaumont. Donations included tinned foods, drinks, toiletries, and treats that can be enjoyed by families that rely on the support of the local foodbank.

The support of local and national businesses is vital to the running of the Epsom foodbanks. We have arranged this to help them to tackle food poverty on people’s doorstep.

We are arranging a fundraising event in the coming months when the lockdown gets eased to help make sure that no-one has to go hungry.

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Connecting with the Community

Nikki, our Music & Arts Activities Coordinator, performed a Zoom singalong together with some of our residents from Epsom Beaumont. Everyone took part singing their favourite tunes. We also sang our ‘feel good song of the day’,  which was 'You Make me Feel so Young' by Frank Sinatra. Toddlers from our local nursery, Bumble Bees, also joined in with their parents.

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National Carers Week

At Epsom Beaumont, we were delighted to celebrate National Carers Week with a massive feast. Staff cooked food dishes from their own countries whilst dressing up in traditional clothes. 

We can’t thank our staff enough at Epsom Beaumont for all the support and help they have given to the home and residents! It was a magical day; it brought everyone closer together. It has made people more aware of all the different and amazing cultures we have at the home.

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Connecting with Loved Ones

Epsom Beaumont recognises that people have a need to feel safe, accepted, loved, and have a sense of belonging. They also see that the use of technology in care can help support these needs—as well as improve health and wellbeing. With a vision to enhance care with technology, Epsom began using Zoom so families who are not able to visit the home can give feedback and receive updates over video from the staff, led by the General Manager.

Some of the other ways the residents benefit from technology in the home include devices like Amazon Alexa to have story telling sessions, which helps them to bolster social inclusion and well-being. They make activities fun by using VR glasses to bring the outside in with experiences such as taking residents on European trips to Rome and Paris and reminiscing about things they did during their youth.

Currently residents are able to use Skype and FaceTime to connect to each other. They also use social media platforms—including Skype, email, and Facebook—with residents who had never before used social media or a computer. 

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BBQ Day for Carers Week

During Carers Week we decided that it would be great to celebrate one day of the week with a BBQ for all the residents and carers. Our hospitality team put on an amazing spread for everyone to show their appreciation for all the hard work and dedication shown by the carers at Epsom Beaumont.

Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Calling All Emergency Services

Call All Emergency Services

Come and take a break with us!

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings

Come along and meet new people whilst enjoying a chat over a hot drink and a selection of sweet treats.