Nikki Harris

Meet our Activities Coordinator, Nikki Harris

Nikki is our Activities Coordinator here at Epsom Beaumont. She is responsible for organising and delivering social activities in the home, which can range from baking cupcakes to running crossword competitions.

Nikki enjoys creating activities programmes that are both mentally physically stimulating for residents. She encourages residents to have an active social life by arranging book clubs, arranging minibus trips and other fun activities. She also takes time to understand residents' needs, likes and dislikes.

Activities at Epsom Beaumont

At Epsom Beaumont, the daily activities always aim to be enjoyable for all. Our Activities Coordinator is constantly working to mentally and physically stimulate each resident and ensuring that our programme is define moulded to the wants and needs of those we support. We host weekly outings to many local coffee shops, and also some bigger trips to Brighton and the Brooklands Museum. Our outings tend to be a new and exciting experience for residents, but are sometimes repeated for those who could not make the trip the first time. The activity schedule changes weekly, but there are some regularities, such as our crossword and bar nights, where families are invited to join their loved ones for a social evening. Activities are one of the most important aspects of a care home and we are proud to say we have a dedicated Activities Coordinator who is supported by all of the care team to really make it successful. We have received excellent feedback from residents and relatives, which only makes our bond with them stronger.

Life at our home

Mini Games

Our mini games are very popular here. It’s great fun and great exercise at the same time! We played the Target game. Residents had to throw the ball at the target and it will stick. At the end the most person with the most points won! People get very competitive! We have other mini games such as ‘throw a hoop’, bowling, and golf, throw a beanbag and more! We look forward to staying active and healthy in the New Year!

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Barchester Cake Competition

Epsom Beaumont decided to participate in the annual Barchester Cake Competition, which judges cakes submitted from over 200 Barchester homes.

The cakes are marked on presentation, demonstration of cake decorating skills and theme of the cake.

Head Chef of Epsom Beaumont, together with residents, prepared three cakes for the competition. Each cake with filling of: spiced chocolate with brandy butter cream, topped with glace Morello cherries, glazed ginger and edible cinnamon stick.

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Special Dog Visit

Mrs. Coleman misses her dog, Millie, that is back at home. Her daughter brings Millie into visit. Mrs. Coleman loves dogs and has had many of her own in the past. Mrs. Coleman was very keen to help look after bob and enjoyed giving Bob a walk around Epsom Beaumont. She helped feed and water him too! It was a real treat!

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Thanksgiving Celebrations

Residents, staff, relatives and visitors got together on Thanksgiving to create a ‘thankful tree’ we spent time gathering things from the garden then made our own card hearts to write what we are thankful for, we then hung it on the tree leaving an envelope for people to add what they’re thankful for!

They had explained it was a good time to think about things that really matter to people and this world!

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Bumblebees: The Grand Opening

We were delightfully surprised to see our Deputy Mayor of Epsom and Ewell, Councillor Humphrey Reynolds, visiting the home to open our new Bumblebees club. Bumblebees is our first toddler group club that aims to bring the generations together. Parents and toddlers from Epsom will be able to enjoy some time together to interact with our residents and have some fun.

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Residents Enjoy Smart TV

We have just installed a smart TV in our library, so we have access to YouTube now and many other apps which is great! Our residents can now watch documentaries, look at countries and lots of other things.

Mrs Marriage is from Italy and hasn’t been there for over 30 years and she asked to see her home town, Palmanova, where she met her husband and got married.

Due to have a big screen she was able to see it better than she would on a normal screen. She was very emotional and extremely happy to be able to see her home town again. It brought tears of joy to her eyes and she shared some fabulous stories of her life!

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Upcoming events

Events & Activities in January

There are plenty of fun activities lined up throughout January here at Epsom Beaumont.

Calling All Emergency Services

Call All Emergency Services

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Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings

Come along and meet new people whilst enjoying a chat over a hot drink and a selection of sweet treats.