Activities at Epsom Beaumont

At Epsom Beaumont, the daily activities always aim to be enjoyable for all. Our Activities Coordinator is constantly working to mentally and physically stimulate each resident and ensuring that our programme is define moulded to the wants and needs of those we support. We host weekly outings to many local coffee shops, and also some bigger trips to Brighton and the Brooklands Museum. Our outings tend to be a new and exciting experience for residents, but are sometimes repeated for those who could not make the trip the first time. The activity schedule changes weekly, but there are some regularities, such as our crossword and bar nights, where families are invited to join their loved ones for a social evening. Activities are one of the most important aspects of a care home and we are proud to say we have a dedicated Activities Coordinator who is supported by all of the care team to really make it successful. We have received excellent feedback from residents and relatives, which only makes our bond with them stronger.

Life at Epsom Beaumont Care Home

Cheese & Wine Tasting

Residents and staff enjoyed a fantastic and tasty cheese & wine evening here at Epsom Beaumont.

Christmas Crafts

We asked residents and staff to design their very own Epsom Beaumont Christmas card cover for 2020. If Jimmy is good with a pencil, let him draw, or if Viv is a distinguished painter, then get her some brushes! The Christmas-themed design is completely up to each participant and will be judged by our heads of departments. All entries must be submitted on or before: 13th December 2020. (We’re not superstitious!) Arts and crafts sessions are arranged every week at our home. These sessions can result in increased concentration, heightened self-esteem and inspire positive feelings. 

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Diwali Celebrations

Residents, relatives and team members at Epsom are getting ready to celebrate the biggest Indian festival of light: Diwali, (known as the Festival of Light), with music, fireworks and dancing.

The celebrations, which will feature artistic decorations by our Care practitioner, Gaya, and our own Head Chef, Gulcin. It will see residents and staff enjoying Indian food as they listen to live traditional music. Celebrating festivals like this enables residents, particularly those with dementia, to feel connected with their heritage and culture. Harry described the decorations for the party as like “being back in India, where he was posted for a job with his family".

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Gentleman's Club

We had our General Manager hosting our monthly Gentleman’s Club.

It was like walking down memory lane, with all the good memories and stories coming to life. Residents really appreciated the words from our GM. We listened to some jazz and we were able to get some original videos up of old singers who have passed away, and they found it very interesting to see them in action again. Some wished they had seen certain singers live in concerts, so we gave them the closest experience we could.

Our gentlemen had the opportunity to request a song or a video they would like to see, and it really brought joy and happiness into the home with laughter and sounds filling the hallways that have been a bit quiet for so long.

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A Frightful Affair

A frightful autumn fayre was held at Epsom Beaumont to mark Halloween. Ghouls and ghosts walked the corridors of Epsom Beaumont, as staff dressed for the occasion. Bats and pumpkin carving decorations hung from the walls and ceilings and a wide range of Halloween activities were available for residents and visitors via Zoom. Apple bobbing, a tombola, tin can alley, a slime pit, a raffle and a stall selling themed cakes all helped raise over £200, with the help of our family and friends. The money will go into the residents’ fund.  

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Visitors Welcome

Epsom Beaumont has officially opened its visiting room for residents,so that they can continute to spend time with their loved ones over the upcoming cooler months in a safe environment. The room is similar to a living room, with comfortable furnishings and heating to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere, whilst infection control protocols and a thorough cleaning programme takes place between every visit.

Our visiting room even has an intercom system fitted, so residents can clearly communicate and engage in conversation whilst being able to see their friends and family through a Perspex glass divider, fitted for safety to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. And who better to open our visiting room than our home’s longest serving Resident Ambassador, Doris?

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Upcoming events

Calling All Emergency Services

Call All Emergency Services

Come and take a break with us!

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings

Come along and meet new people whilst enjoying a chat over a hot drink and a selection of sweet treats.