Meet our Activities Coordinator, Jo Eland

After originally starting at Cheshire Grange in May 2015, I'm delighted to be back in the role of Activities Coordinator. It is a privilege to be in this role and spend time, getting to know our ladies and gentleman and their loved one, whilst doing all the fun things that can make such a difference to their days.

Activities at Cheshire Grange

The activities team are constantly striving to meet the varied needs of everyone who lives in our home, offering a wide range of group and individual social events. There are regular visits from entertainers, along with craft activities, baking, games & puzzle days and pampering sessions, which fill the week. However, we can always find time for outings and just spending that little bit of special time with residents who enjoy the peace and quiet. We aim to bring the activities to the individual, whilst making it a whole home experience.

Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Cheshire Grange Care Home

English National Ballet Proms

We celebrated Last Night of the Proms virtually with members of English National Ballet’s Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Music Director Gavin Sutherland.

We listened and danced along as members of the orchestra took us on a magical, musical journey. English National Ballet Philharmonic is made up of many of the country’s top musicians, and boasts considerable experience in all forms of music-making. With insights and anecdotes into what it takes to conduct an orchestra for a world-class ballet company, this special concert got our feet tapping, arms waving and hearts singing!

It was a wonderful experience, enjoyed by all.

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Scottish Designs live event with V&A Dundee

We had a lovely time joining Becca Clark and James Wylie – members of V&A Dundee’s exhibitions team – as they took us on a virtual tour of the museum’s incredible Scottish Design Galleries.

We were introduced to the wide range of unique objects at the galleries from architecture and engineering, jewellery and textiles to theatre and their fascinating stories.

And we were able to learn more about the importance of all objects in telling the rich and varied history of Scottish design.

It was a lovely talk, enjoyed by all.

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Football fever

Football Fever hit the terraces of Cheshire Grange, well the dining room, as the football season kicked off. There was some serious competition as the ladies and gents tried to get the ball in the back of the net on the magic table football game. Meanwhile in the lounge some residents were watching a live game on the screen, there didn’t seem to be much team allegiance as everyone cheered whoever scored a goal, the obligatory tea and cakes at half time made the afternoon complete.

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Lavenders blue dilly dilly...

Some of our ladies had a very relaxing afternoon making lavender bags. This triggered a nursery rhyme sing a long initiated by one of the ladies who remembered the Lavenders Blue rhyme.

Beach collage reaches whole home

It was like embarking on a wonderful holiday trip over the course of this beach collage, residents from all communities were involved in the creation of this colourful masterpiece. We worked following the ethos that arts and crafts don’t necessarily require a finished item, the important aspect is the journey taken, making it a sensory experience, stimulating conversation and evoking memories.

 Residents on Memory Lane enjoyed the textures of the wool as they created the seaweed and nets with finger knitting, some of the gentleman helped with the whales and wrapping the star fish, other residents got quite messy whilst marbling some sheets for the sea, the beach was made with homemade paper which was dipped and painted and the activity was taken to the residents rooms where they coloured in beach huts and umbrellas.  

All the different components were then assembled over several afternoons over afternoon tea in the lounge, with some residents helping and others observing. An  amazing whole home project that was great fun and brought back lots of holiday memories.

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Sea Life Trust virtual tour

We took a wonderful virtual trip to Iceland and visited the SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Whale Sanctuary to have an inside look into the daily care of their two resident beluga whales: Little White and Little Grey.

Our residents were introduced to the history of the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and learnt more about its mission to provide a more natural home for belugas in human care with a first-hand look at how the dedicated team are not only caring for the whales, but preparing for their future in the sea sanctuary!

It was an enjoyable event for everyone, learning more about the amazing beluga whales and how they are cared for at the sanctuary.

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