Meet our Activities Coordinator, Jo Eland

After originally starting at Cheshire Grange in May 2015, I'm delighted to be back in the role of Activities Coordinator. It is a privilege to be in this role and spend time, getting to know our ladies and gentleman and their loved one, whilst doing all the fun things that can make such a difference to their days.

Activities at Cheshire Grange

The activities team are constantly striving to meet the varied needs of everyone who lives in our home, offering a wide range of group and individual social events. There are regular visits from entertainers, along with craft activities, baking, games & puzzle days and pampering sessions, which fill the week. However, we can always find time for outings and just spending that little bit of special time with residents who enjoy the peace and quiet. We aim to bring the activities to the individual, whilst making it a whole home experience.

Life at Cheshire Grange Care Home

Residents enjoy games afternoon

It was rainy and miserable outdoors so out came the cards & dominoes. We soon discovered that rules were very flexible and that most residents when playing with their families had made up a lot of their own rules. We all admired our ‘domino’ snake, which might not have been totally numerically sequenced, but we were strict when it came to Snap and this saw one of our gentle not win a trick, but we reassured him with the old adage ‘unlucky at card, lucky in love’ ….to which he declared, with a wry grin ‘ well I’ll take that!

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Residents complete memory walk

Residents at Cheshire Grange Care Home, Lymm have taken part in a virtual Trans Pennie Walk, to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Over a period of 2 weeks, when weather permitted residents and staff walked laps around the homes meadow path, with the distance walked mapped on the Trans Pennie route, starting from Heatley the total distance walked of just over 9 miles, took the Cheshire Grange team to Penketh whilst raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Jo Eland, Activities Coordinator said ‘”This has been a very interactive challenge for residents and staff, as the trail runs past our door and some residents were familiar with it, it also triggered many interesting conversations about the various local landmarks we reached. It was a lot of fun and good exercise involving as many of our ladies and gents as possible as well as supporting a very worthy cause.

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CG 'Phone home'

Since ‘lock down’ a lot of focus has been put on maintaining contact with loved ones who can no longer visit, and now that local restrictions are once more in place and we’ve had to suspend garden visits, this has become more important than ever, especially with new residents coming into the home.

These calls are a big part of the daily routine now, but have given our ladies and gents lots of individual attention and we have learnt so much from this special time and family conversation, we’ve all wept tears of sadness and laughed with tears of joy. Residents have got to grips with WhatsApp calls, Portals, FaceTime and a KOMP.

We’ve sent photos & videos via email and text and WhatsApp, shared special occasions birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries using modern technology,  we’ve sent Miss You Hearts out to all our families along with postcards and letters, keeping in touch and saying I Love You has almost become our home moto.

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I remember when...

Reminiscence is very important for everyone here at Cheshire Grange, it helps the care staff to learn about the residents and gives the residents triggers to their past. We have enjoyed sharing holiday and pet photos on our Memory Lane Communities this month and have had lots of interesting conversations after residents have been looking at our photo frames.

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Home host virtual pet competition

At Cheshire Grange we love our dogs and are missing their visits during lockdown, so we hosted our very own virtual dog show for residents, family, and friends in the local community to share their furry friends with us all.

Dogs have fun loveable quirks, tricks and general gorgeousness. So, we organised our first ever virtual dog show at Cheshire Grange where we received over 30 entries which residents voted for those which were there favourites in five categories.

The dogs humans sent us photos of their lovable furry friends with a little bit of information so we learnt something about each dog, these little stories raised many a smile alongside the gorgeous photos.

We had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category from Prettiest Pooch, Handsomest Hound, Playful Pup Sleeping Beauty and Best Furry Friend, all the winners had a photoshoot with their certificates, rosettes and prizes and it’s fair to say that if we’d have had a Best In Show winner it would have been Rolo the Chow Chow, who won the residents hearts along with being quite a local celebrity.

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Residents enjoy sensory session

It can be a challenge to tailor activities for our residents in later stage dementia, we need to look at connecting with the senses so now along with the amazing magic and after the purchase of some new equipment, we can turn the lounge into the perfect sensory haven. There is a very gentle light project showing slow muted tonal lights this with a calming music CD and lavender vaporizer, are residents were very relaxed as were the staff, the new equipment has also included a number of DVDs showing woodland & seaside images and coral reefs & tropical fish.

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Upcoming events

Continuing Life Enrichment

During this unprecedented time, we have a number of measures in place to ensure residents remain engaged, connected and socially active.

Tea and a Tour

Tea and a Tour

Our General Manager and team would like to welcome you for tea and a tour of our home.