Activities at Bloomfield Care Centre

We host a wide range of activities and events here for residents to stimulate them both physically and mentally. Relatives can often be found taking part; for example, they will some times join us on minibus trips and to enjoy entertainers and musical events. There is regular involvement from the local community, with ministers holding services for us weekly, visits from our PAT dog, and a good volunteer network. Additionally, we have recently opened a Dementia Café, which is held on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Activities are an essential part of residents' lives, so we strive to keep them active with a focus on what they can achieve and that life here is fun.

Enriching life
Watch our video on life enrichment in our homes.

Cathy Jallow

Activities Coordinator

Hello, My name is Cathy and I am the Activities Coordinator at Bloomfield care centre. 

I joined the team here at Bloomfield in August 2017 as carer and have since moved into Activities. 

The Activities role is varied and one which allows me to plan amazing activities for our residents to ensure their days are filled with lots of fun, laughter and social interaction. 

I am always looking for new activity ideas as well as new places to visit, so please give me a call to discuss our life enrichment programme further. 

Life-encriching activities booklet

Read our brochure 'Life-enriching activities' for more information about life in our care homes.
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Activities and Events Partnerships

As part of our bespoke life-enrichment programmes, we host a number of live virtual events in the home on a regular basis through a number of partnerships with places of interest and world class performance companies

Life at Bloomfield Care Centre

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Burns Night

Here at Bloomfield we like to express of creative abilities with lots of arts and crafts to celebrate Burns night we created a Highland Cow picture. We all painted and then put together till our picture was finished. Our residents are given a choice of crafts this one was a very colourful and enjoyable to do.

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Live Entertainment from Alan

Alan one of our favourite singers visits us regularly to entertain our residents not only does he sing, he plays the guitar and dances which everyone joins in with. Alan sings lots of familiar songs from 60’s which brings lots of happy memories to all of our residents.

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A Visit from Paulton Library

Our local volunteers at Paulton Library visit our home on a regular basis to read poems and short stories to our residents, Michael a former teacher from Midsomer Norton read from his own book of poems which he wrote and had published this was a very enjoyable afternoon which will continue. A copy of Michaels poems is going to be at Paulton Library for all to read.

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A Visit from Santa

What a lovely time we had at Christmas. Santa and Lexi the elf visited us all. Dora danced with him. Ted gave him a big thumbs up, Trish and Jean shook his hand. Santa went all round our home and greeted everyone with a big HO HO HO!

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Bloomfield's Gentleman's Club

Once a month we hold a gents social afternoon where our gents enjoy a glass or two of beer cider wine or soft drink and a platter of buffet nibbles. We were lucky to have Ivor staying with us and he brought in his keyboard and played some tunes which we all sang along to.

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A visit from the local nursery Children

Willow from The Kindness Connect visits us on a regular basis and the Little Star Nursery from over the road. Ted and Malcolm enjoyed the children chatting and playing whilst Willow sang some songs and played the guitar. Afterwards we all ate some fruit provided by Willow which we all enjoyed.