Barchester residents celebrate St George with red

Barchester residents celebrate St George with red

Residents at Barchester Cherry Trees Care Home in Alcester celebrated St George's Day in April with a red theme.

The residents paired their celebration with William Shakespeare's birthday, wearing red roses and eating red cheesecake as part of the festivities.

Twenty-five of the residents also decorated the home with celebratory red dragons alongside carers Marjorie Niland, Emma Beck, Monty Littleford and Patricia Ganderton.

The celebrations came ahead of a visit by Pets As Therapy dog Barley later in the month.

Charity dog Barley was petted by residents, which the activities co-ordinator at the care home, Liz Southall, explained is therapeutic.

Speaking to the Redditch Standard, she explained: "It was a wonderful day and made us all realise the importance of our pets.

"Many residents have to leave their pets behind when they come into the home so discussions about animals are therapeutic for them."

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