Assisted Living

Barchester offers 11 assisted living complexes across the UK. We pride ourselves on providing spacious and homely apartments allowing individuals to retain their independence, whilst simultaneously offering the highest standard of care and support.

Assisted Living

What is assisted living?

Assisted living enables you to live in the comfort and privacy of your own home, safe in the knowledge that support is available if and when required. This can include assistance with washing, cleaning, cooking, getting in or out of bed, and support with medication.

Assisted living means buying your very own property within a care community, designed to be yours for life and not just a temporary solution. You will live in a community of individuals of a similar age to you, with whom you can share activities and build friendships. Life can be enjoyed in a safe, caring, socially active and supportive environment.

Assisted Living

Who is assisted living for?

Assisted living is for individuals over the age of 50 who do not require the full support of a nursing home or residential care home, but may require support now or in the future. It is an ideal solution for couples who wish to continue to live together but have different care needs.

Alternatively, if you or your loved one requires more support then Barchester’s residential care homes or nursing homes may be the perfect match.

Assisted living

Assisted Living at Barchester Healthcare

Our assisted living facilities are based on the same site as one of our care homes. This provides residents with access to the many services and activities that we offer. Assisted living residents are welcome to socialise in the communal areas of the care home and can have their meals cooked for them if desired.

Barchester’s assisted living apartments are wheelchair‐friendly, and include features such as call bells, waist‐height ovens and plug sockets, and slip‐resistant bathroom flooring. This ensures that life is as easy and comfortable as possible for our residents.

All you need to know about Independent Living

Living in an Independent Living property allows you to take advantage of the additional services available on-site. The major advantages are the availability of a menu of services including household chores, catering, laundry and personal care, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the social activities in the community.

What is Assisted or Independent Living?

Independent Living is a philosophy that promotes independence, friendships, activities and well-being. It is the ideal combination of having your own safe and secure home but with the reassurance that care and support is available should you require it. By providing some support or assistance with activities of daily living, people who are finding it difficult to live completely independently or are planning for the future, are able to enjoy prolonged independence in a safe, caring, socially active and supportive setting.

Do people own their own properties?

You will be able to purchase the properties (125-year leasehold), meaning you retain equity and reduce outgoings.

Would pets be allowed?

Pets are allowed within reason and upon prior agreement with us. Pets requiring outdoor space such as cats and dogs are limited to the ground floor properties.

What if I have a car, can I park it on site?

There is car parking on site.