Barchester's Hospitality Services

We at Barchester Healthcare pride ourselves in ensuring that we know what each of our residents like and what they need and we know how important that is when it comes to eating and drinking for enjoyment, as well as health. Our locally sourced meat and vegetables are freshly prepared and cooked on the premises, on the day, by our qualified and highly experienced chefs.

Seasonal and Nutritious Meals

Relax and enjoy our seasonal, delicious, and nutritious meals as well as modified textured dishes that we serve daily to our residents, depending on their wants and needs. Everyone is welcomed and included, and our residents and families are part of our regular meetings to ensure that they have a say in the choice of the food that they will be eating.

Mealtimes are delivered with pride, from our chefs and care teams. As well as our daily menu offering, we also offer an alternative menu should our residents and patients fancy a wholesome snack instead of a 3 course meal. Some prefer to mix and match from both menus. We want everyone to feel special and individually cared for.

Dining Experience

It is always a social occasion in our beautiful dining rooms, with soft background music suitable to our residents’ choice with pleasant surroundings. They can choose where they would like to sit and have their meals with friends, or alternatively, if they would prefer to dine alone, it can be delivered to their bedroom.  Families are always welcome to join their loved ones for a meal, and we offer a private dining area, where residents and patients can have a personal celebration or just have a family catch up in a more private setting.

Example Menus

To get a flavour of the menus we serve daily across all of our homes across the UK please see the examples below:

Breakfast menu

Breakfast menu (Scotland)

Lunch menu

Supper menu

Light Bites Menu

Our Memory Lane Dementia Dining Experience

For those residents living in our Memory Lane communities, we offer beautiful linen set tables for our residents, with assisted coloured dining plates and adapted cutlery for those who require it to help them with the dining experience. This allows your loved ones to keep their dignity and join in the dining room experience with their friends and families without feeling excluded.  Personal assisted clothing, such as Pashminas are available to give our ladies a little luxury assistance when eating their meals.

Café areas in our reception and in our Memory Lane communities

Our cafes are often a hub of activity and residents and friends and family can while away the day watching the comings and goings of the home with hot or cold drink whilst they read a book or catch up with friends. We have a beautiful selection of home baked biscuits, cakes and pastries for everyone to try, which are available throughout the day. If you feel hungry in between meals there is always fresh fruit, smoothies, and snacks prepared fresh to order. We also have fitted life skill kitchens for our active residents and patients who enjoy to prepare their own snacks and bake their own cakes

Dietary Requirements

For those residents who have a dietary requirement, our chefs are fully trained to cater to any request. Regardless of the needs; clinical, religious or ethnical, our chefs are fully trained and happy to suit any requests with dignity. This allows your loved ones to keep their own diet safely without feeling excluded.  Monthly dietary reviews for each of our residents take place to ensure that your love ones likes and dislikes are always respected.

What can we do to help?

We’re here to help in any way we can – whether that’s finding you the right support or helping you choose the best care home environment. Use our online care home search tool for more information on our services or for contact details to our individual care homes where you can arrange a visit direct. Alternatively, you can complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.