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West Yorkshire borough plans dementia-friendly improvements

West Yorkshire borough plans dementia-friendly improvements
25th February 2013

Councillors in West Yorkshire are considering new proposals to assist people in the region who have been diagnosed with dementia.

The Calderdale Dementia Strategy is designed to help patients get the help they require and has been developed by Calderdale Council, NHS Calderdale and the south-west Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, the Halifax Courier reports

Now that it has been reviewed by the health and social care scrutiny panel, it will be discussed at the next council meeting on February 27th.

If implemented, the proposals will see Calderdale become one of the dementia-friendly towns prime minister David Cameron has repeatedly called for in the UK.

Councillor Bob Metcalfe said dementia is increasingly becoming a concern for patients in the region.

"The ageing population means more and more people will be affected by the illness, either directly, or as a carer for a loved one," he added.

As part of the plans, investment will be made into early diagnosis and providing increased support to patients with the condition and their carers.

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