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Wales 'must stop mental health discrimination'

Wales 'must stop mental health discrimination'
16th December 2010

Wales needs a campaign to stop the discrimination of people with mental health issues, according to Mind Cymru.

This comes after the foundation discovered that 66 per cent of people in the country would not rent a room in a shared flat to someone who has a mental health illness.

It was also found that 46 per cent of people in Wales think that people who have had depression should not work as primary school teachers.

Lindsay Foyster, director of Mind Cymru, said that campaigns by Time to Change and See Me to tackle discrimination against people with mental health problems have had great success in England and Scotland.

"There’s now a great opportunity for Wales to build on this work and make a positive difference to the lives of people who experience mental distress," she said.

Meanwhile, new NHS statistics show that nearly 249,463 people in England have been diagnosed with dementia, but Alzheimer's Society estimate the 575,000 people actually have the condition.

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