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UK dementia drug usage lagging behind other countries

UK dementia drug usage lagging behind other countries
28th July 2010

The UK has ranked poorly in a new report which shows dementia drug usage rates throughout the world.

In the 'Extent and causes of international variations in drug usage' paper produced for the Department of Health, 14 developed nations across the globe were assessed, with the UK ranked at number 11 for dementia drugs.

Report author Sir Mike Richards notes that dementia experts claim developments in sub-psychiatry help to account for the low score, as they have led to increased of drug-free treatments for the disease.

However, the Alzheimer's Society claims that the new research is a "savage indictment" of the UK's dementia drugs programme.

"It is outrageous that up to two thirds of people with dementia never even receive a diagnosis and those that do are forced to wait until their condition deteriorates before they can receive drug treatment," said the charity's acting chief executive Ruth Sutherland.

It is now clear that this needs to change if the UK is not to fall further behind other countries.

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