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Tests to begin on Parkinson's disease drug

Tests to begin on Parkinson's disease drug
2nd September 2010

A new scientific trial is to test the effectiveness of the drug Exenatide for people with Parkinson's disease.

Undertaken by researchers at the University College London Hospital, the test will build on research funded by Parkinson's UK, which found the drug could relieve symptoms and rescue dying nerve cells.

It is already known that the drug is safe for humans to take, as around six million diabetics around the world take it to control their sugar levels.

Parkinson's UK director of research and development Dr Kieran Breen claims it is exciting to see research funded by the charity move to the next level.

"Our funding for Dr Peter Whitton's exciting project two years ago helped prove the potential of Exenatide – providing a launchpad for this new trial," he said.

Researchers at John Hopkins University in Maryland claimed last week to have proved that certain drugs can protect the nerve cells of mice from Parkinson's disease.