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Take Omega-3 for healthy brain, expert advises

Take Omega-3 for healthy brain, expert advises
6th June 2011

Older people should ensure they eat well to keep their brain in good working order, potentially lessening their dependence on services such as home care or assisted living.

Nancy Morse, senior scientific officer at Efamol, specialists in essential fatty acids, recommended that people boost their brain function by consuming fish oil components, particularly docosahexaenoic acid [DHA].

"In the UK, we currently consume less than half the suggested daily intake of DHA, and research has shown that people with lower than normal levels of DHA, have a greater tendency to experience memory problems as they age," she explained.

This follows research by Omega 3 Fish oil supplement Efalex Active 50 +, which revealed that almost three quarters of over-50s have admitted to often experiencing short term memory problems.

Such issues include walking into rooms and forgetting why they did so and failing to remember the names of friends or family.

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