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Take exercise to improve bone health

Take exercise to improve bone health
20th June 2012

With research by Age UK revealing that over 220,000 older adults in Britain have fractured a bone as the result of a fall, it is important that people take steps to improve their bone health.

Exercise is one way in which older adults can proactively protect against fractures by increasing the strength of their bones.

Charlene Hutsebaut, exercise expert for The De-Stress Diet and founder of, commented: "Running is great for bone health. The National Osteoporosis Society advocates exercise, including exercise as a means to healthy strong bones."

However, Ms Hutsebaut advises those who already have a bone condition, such as osteoporosis, to take care if they want to take up exercise, especially jogging.

People should consult a GP before beginning a new regime and introduce themselves slowly to exercise by walking.

This also gives older adults the added benefits of improving their cardiovascular strength and is a great way to get blood pumping efficiently around the body.

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