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Study identifies true source of dementia

Study identifies true source of dementia
17th November 2010

A new scientific study has identified the primary source of dementia-causing protein in the human brain.

It has been established that the amyloid-beta protein responsible for cell death that leads to dementia stems from a protein known as APP, although this comes in many forms.

However, now researchers at the University of Leeds believe they have identified the source of amyloid-beta as APP695 - the first time the true source of dementia has been identified.

Lead researcher professor Tony Turner said that dementia research has struggled to make an impact, possibly because scientists have too broad a field to work with. He hopes this discovery will change that.

"This study gives us important new insight into the role of APP in Alzheimer's disease, and could have significant implications for future research in this area," added Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at the Alzheimer's Research Trust.

A separate study from the University of East Anglia has recently revealed that regular exercise can reduce a person's risk of developing many diseases, including dementia.

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