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Stroke patient's recovery 'helped by painting'

Stroke patient's recovery 'helped by painting'
27th January 2011

A father-of-three who says painting helped him to recover from a stroke, is holding his first exhibition, a report says.

The Manchester Evening News reports how Daniel Adams, 36, from Cheadle in Greater Manchester, experienced a stroke after being attacked on the way back from a party.

Mr Adams has recovered his movement although he has no feeling in the right side of his body and he also experiences memory loss and anxiety.

When recuperating from the stroke, he was able to spend time painting, which his wife told the newspaper really helps with his stress levels.

"He had always been arty at school and creative in his job as a landscape gardener, but with his work and the kids he never had the chance to do something with it," she continued.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society have found that loud traffic noise can increase the risk of stroke in older adults.

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