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Social care reform to promote leisure and friendship

Social care reform to promote leisure and friendship
21st May 2012

Reform of the UK's social care system is set to promote leisure activities and friendship for older people.

The government has unveiled plans to support social workers in their efforts to reduce the isolation felt by many in old age or experiencing illness.

This may include helping patients carry on with their hobbies to stay physically active and mentally stimulated, or simply to enable people to see their friends more.

According to Paul Burstow, social care minister, this will form part of the "radical change" that the social care system will undergo.

"We are strongly considering the crucial role that support networks can play in allowing people to lead the sort of lives that they want to lead," he said.

This will form part of a "vision for social work" that responds to more than crisis situations.

By improving the quality of life of older adults through leisure and relationships, many of the crises of care can be prevented and patients can stay healthier and independent for longer.

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