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Snow means friends and relatives 'must take care of older people'

Snow means friends and relatives 'must take care of older people'
3rd December 2010

With the icy weather bringing the country to a standstill, older people are being urged to take extra precautions with their health.

Age UK warns that the bad weather may leave older people who have chosen not to find a nursing home unable to get out and buy the essentials.

Helena Herklots, services director at the charity, advised people to check in on older friends, neighbours and relatives throughout the duration of the adverse weather conditions.

"We're asking people to be good friends and neighbours in this weather, to ensure older people are warm and well and aren't left struggling alone. Even a quick visit or phone call could make all the difference," she said.

The charity also advises older people to keep moving within the house, eating hot food and drinks and keeping homes warm and draft-free.

Snow continues to cause difficulties for drivers, many of whom are stranded in South Yorkshire and in other locations in the north of the country for a second night.

Police are advising people not to travel unless necessary, particularly in Scotland, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the south-east, which are the worst hit.

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